6 Attractions More Spectacular In Winter

6 Attractions More Spectacular In Winter

Now, a lot of people may be divided by the image above, thinking, “Gosh, I hate winter?” or “Omg, I can’t wait to make snow angels!”

All travelers have our preferences for when to travel, and it’s easy to say summer is the best time to see an attraction or city. The dress code is more lax, weather more welcoming, but let’s be honest, some places just look better in winter. Putting on a few layers, watching your breath puff before you, it’s all worth it to see the following attractions decked out for the Winter holidays.

Gullfoss Waterfall


Iceland is truly a land of ice and fire, and nothing captures it more than the transition of the iconic Gulffoss Waterfall from roaring cascades to icy, snow filled waves. A key attraction on the Golden Circle tour, it is one of the first attractions visitors to Iceland tend to encounter, and with good reason. It’s just so…majestic, any time of year.

Niagara Falls


Not to be outdone, the mighty Niagara Falls is another iconic waterfall that transforms in the winter season. While keeping its roaring fury, it gains a bit of charm when the snow settles around its base. And, while the Niagara Falls Illumination Show is great throughout the year, but we’re partial to the colorful lights when they reflect off Niagara’s icicle covered cascades.

Lake Louise


Banff National Park is a personal favorite of mine, even though I’ve never been. One of the most iconic attractions here is the stunning Lake Louise, a requirement on any road trip to Banff, particularly due to its mystical aqua surface. But winter turns it into a true wonderland, with a clean sheet of frost making this an ice skater’s paradise! Even with the chilly weather, you can still take a day trip from Banff to Lake Louise and experience the amazing winter transformation first hand!

Central Park


New York as a whole is another story in Winter, but Central Park get’s some special attention. Iconic, scenic, and historic, the Big Apple’s famous green space is perfectly contrasted against the hustle and bustle of the city. Once snow has settled in, this green space turns sparkly white and truly enchanting at Christmas time.



We mentioned Yellowstone earlier in our 7 Best National Parks For A Winter Getaway, and we couldn’t help but add it this list. We cannot say enough about how astoundingly different it looks in winter while stilling maintaining its otherworldly allure. Even coated in ice and snow America’s oldest national park finds a way to shine throughout the year.

Dracula’s Castle


We know, we know, it’s traditional name is Bran Castle and it’s disputed as to whether or not it inspired Bram Stroker’s novel, but we bury all our arguing under a few feet of snow this holiday season and just focus on how mystical Dracula’s Castle looks in Winter? The snow covered parapets and withered trees make it all the more alluring. Whether or not Dracula lorded over the ancient halls, we’d still love to spend our winter vacation in this monumental fortress.


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