5 New Zealand Adventures for the Adrenaline Junkie

5 New Zealand Adventures for the Adrenaline Junkie

We all know New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth (Check out our Stray Adventure of a Lifetime and A Journey to Hobbiton blog posts if you don’t believe us), but it’s also the best place to go for an adrenaline fix. We’ve found some of the best adrenaline activities you can take on in the first country to see sunrise!

Bungy Jumping

 Why you should do it: Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Bring out your inner super-human by flinging yourself into the air and falling into oblivion attached to a cord of life. It’s one of the scariest and most exhilarating things you’ll ever do, and totally worth feeling the fear and giving it a go anyway.

Where to go:Without a doubt the best place to go for bungee jumping in New Zealand is AJ Hackett Bungy. The company is run by the one of the guys who first brought bungy jumping to the masses in 1988, after experiencing its cultural origin in Vanuatu. There are multiple places across New Zealand to experience bungy jumping, from The Ledge, nestled high over Queenstown, the adrenaline capitol of the world, to Kawarau Gorge, Auckland Bridge, and the infamous 134m Nevis Bungy. All of the crew are friendly, and highly trained professionals that make the experience unforgettable, and it’s the perfect way to create memories in such a stunningly beautiful country.

Canyon Swing

Why you should do it: Experience the beautiful Shotover Canyon from the world’s highest cliff, 109m over the famous Shotover River.  Swing 200m with a 60m vertical freefall down a steep rocky cliff face.  You can go solo, or tandem, and there are over 70 jump styles, from hanging upside down and being cut from rope, to slipping down a slide or s simple hop skip and jump from the edge. If swinging isn’t your thing, you can take on the zip line across the canyon instead! It’s the world’s first of its kind, and is bound to get your blood pumping.

Where to go: The only place to do this is in Queenstown, over the Shotover Canyon. Once you’ve made your booking, someone will pick you up and take you on a short drive out to the site. The staff here are friendly, and great fun! They might be a little cheeky, but they’re super professional and don’t rush or pressure you at all. After your jump you can get video and photos to share with family and friends, if you’re brave enough.

 Jet boating

Why you should do it: If you like to get your kicks on the water, jet boating is one of the best ways to go. Experience an exhilarating ride along the canyon river bed, as you spin, swirl and swerve between the rocks at up to 85km per hour. You’re guaranteed to get wet, but it’s totally worth it.

Where to go: Shotover Jet is the best place on the South Island for your Jet boating experience. All the guides are friendly and expertly trained in their bright red boats. It’s a dramatic, world famous ride that’s been taken by thousands, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

White Water Rafting

Why you should do it: Peak rafting season is October to May, making it the perfect summer activity. Grab the family, or a bunch of friends and take on the wild rapids in a stunning setting. Rapids run at different levels, so you get to chose what kind of experience you want to have, whether it’s a relaxing ride or an exhilarating expedition.

Where to go: There are plenty of places on both islands for rafting, but Rangitata Rafts is an excellent place for your white–water adventure. Nestled in a beautiful location on the South Island you’ll find a place to take on the rapids with an experienced team, and comfortable, homely accommodation where you can enjoy a BBQ dinner and rest in a cozy bed after a beautiful day outdoors.


Why you should do it: Fancy a magical adventure? Caving is one of New Zealand’s best experiences. Bring out your inner adventurer in the three different styles of cave exploration. You can abseil down the walls of underground caves, track down gloworms, find fossils and see beautiful calcified rock formations.

Where to go: Those keen on a real adventure can don a wetsuit and explore the Nile River Cave System in Paparoa Nataional Park, black water-rafting down the river, and climbing the walls of the wondrous secretive caves.
Waitomo Caves, one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist sites, is a place for a calm, mystical boat trip to see Mother Nature at its best, with live galaxies of tiny lights covering the cavernous ceilings.

Aranui is a hidden gem, and although there is much less wildlife, the caves can be investigated on foot, and you can see the amazing stalagmites and stalactites in as you wander the winding caves.


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