A Ghost Story For Each Continent

A Ghost Story For Each Continent

Ghosts hold to no boundaries or borders. Their hauntings come in all shapes and sizes, from as small as a single room to an entire neighborhood. You might not even know it, but there could be a haunted house down the street – or you may even be living in one.

Paranormal tales fascinated us, and with All Hallow’s Eve creeping closer and closer, we couldn’t help but dig up a few cursed bones to channel a chilling tale from each continent.

Africa – Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa


South Africa has become a ghost hunter’s paradise, filled with lost souls and haunted attractions just waiting to be discovered. The most infamous is the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. Don’t let the name fool you; this historic military base has a bloody past of torture, executions, and unexplained deaths, sparking dozens of chilling sightings throughout the castle. Some say a black hound stalks the grounds; others have claimed to see Lady Anne Barnard in attendance at parties, despite being dead for ages…

Antarctica – Ross Island


It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the coldest places on Earth has its own set of chilling tales. Despite being only loosely settled, Antarctica is host to a number of icy spirits that haunt the frozen wastes, largely due to how inhospitable it is. One of the most reputable is Ross Island where a sightseeing flight crashed into Mount Erebus (seen above). The bodies were moved to the McMurdo Station, a nearby U.S. Base on Ross Island, before they were returned to the families.

But the spirits never left, and to this day visitors to McMurdo Station have reported ghostly footsteps and voices. Is that chill in your spine from the cold, or is it one of the tragic spirits trapped here?

Asia – First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia


Despite its colorful appearance, the First World Hotel in Getting Highlands, Malaysia, is by far one of the most haunted hotels in the world. A resort and casino, many have taken their lives after losing all their savings to the casinos, but their spirits never checked out. Frequent reports of paranormal activity have caused the hotel owners to close a number of rooms permanently and the elevator apparently skips over the 21st floor, rumored to be one of the most haunted parts of the resort.

Australia – Port Arthur, Tasmania


Australia has no shortage of ghost stories, especially given that each major city has a haunted and derelict prison that beckons lost souls to explore. But the most notorious is Port Arthur in Tasmania, an infamous prison settlement that was known as the “inescapable prison” and was one of the harshest settlements in Australia – so much so that the remains of the prisoners were sent to the Island of the Dead, just off the ghost. Since its closing in 1877 it has been a popular tourist site, especially since much of the prison still stands today. It is easily accessible with a day tour from Hobart, though we personally feel that night is the best time to experience the ghostly ruins.

Europe – Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


We’ve mentioned the violent history of Edinburgh before, the blood of war and rebellion soaking deep into the city’s Underground Vaults, and one of the most infamously haunted locations in the city is the towering Edinburgh Castle. Nearly 1,000 years old and site of many battles, executions, and tragedies, the dark, its no wonder so many souls still dwell within its dark, stone walls. Open to the public for tours, the living and dead intermingle frequently here, with tourists stating they’ve seen numerous apparitions throughout the shadowy halls.

North America – Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Canada


The U.S. is usually the center of most haunting lists, and there are plenty of ghost towns, spooky hotels, derelict mansions and homes to find paranormal activity. But we decided to pay our respects to the ghosts of Canada – most notably the spirits of the Banff Spring Hotel. We’ve touched on Banff as a perfect destination, but we never thought some residents would remain here long after death.

Hidden away in the Canadian Rockies, this charming resort is popular throughout the year – so much so that some guests have forgotten to check out. In the strangest case, the hotel once housed a secret room that was built by mistake with no windows or doors, sealed away within the hotel’s confines. After a fire devastated the hotel, the room was rediscovered, and despite never being used some say there are still restless spirits there.

Another notable room is 873 which, in a very “1408” fashion, holds the spirits of a murdered family, including the lost soul of a young girl. The hotel staff have closed off the room from any curious visitor, but a few have still seen the family roaming the hall near the room.

The list of haunted rooms in the Banff Springs Hotel goes on and on, and we dare you to find them on your next vacation.

South America – La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buried within the popular and lively Recoleta district of Buenos Aires rests the famous La Recoleta Cemetery, the final resting place for such souls as Eva Peron, Luis Angel Firpo, and Isabel Walewski Colonna (Napoleon’s granddaughter). A popular stop on a Buenos Aires sightseeing tour, the living frequently explore the richly decorated tombs and immaculate graves throughout the day, but the cemetery truly comes alive with ghostly activity after sunset. The most infamous is the tale of Rufina Cambeceres, who was accidentally burred alive while in a coma and died attempting to break free of her casket. Though her body ultimately remained in the tomb, some say her spirit still stalks the cemetery’s shadowy paths…

We’re madly in love with a good ghost story, so share your paranormal experiences and favorite haunted attraction in the comments below. Think of a tour or attraction we didn’t mention? Let us know below.

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