8 Ghost Tours You Have To Take Before You Die (Or After)

8 Ghost Tours You Have To Take Before You Die (Or After)

Slowly but surely Halloween and Fall decorations are invading stores through the United States. Most decry the forced commercialization of holidays, but I, for one, am happy to get some new Halloween decorations up early before the weather takes a turn. Keeping with the Halloween spirit, we’ve been taking a closer look at the spookiest and most chilling sites around the world. Now, some are a bit to terrifying to step into alone – or closed off for public safety – but there are a handful of unique ghost tours that will let you get up close and personal with some of the most bloody, tragic, and haunted sites.

Here are 8 ghost tours you have to take before you die (or after!)

Adelaide Gaol, Australia


When people think of Australia, most mention the Outback, the beaches, kangaroos. But we all seem to forget that it was a prison island!

And it’s no wonder that almost every major city and town in Australia hosts a haunted attraction, and Adelaide is no different, offering visitors a chance to take an Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour to encounter one of the 45 souls that were executed here, including Michael Magee, the first person ever hanged in South Australia.

New Orleans, United States


New Orleans is a melting pot that suits everyone tastes. If you’re a party animal, Mardi Gras is right up your alley. Want a bit of jazz? It’s got you covered. In love with the macabre and ghoulish? Then this city is perfect for you.

Steeped in voodoo lore, bloody murders, and haunted cemeteries, New Orleans is a ghost hunters mecca. The famous New Orleans Ghost Tour is a must for visitors looking to meet the nightmarish spirits that haunt the French Quarter, and the Voodoo Tour of New Orleans is great way to educate about the history of the city while encountering one of the most infamous and misunderstood religions.

Boston, United States


American history never got as dark as the alleys of Boston where devilous killers have hunted (and haunted) for ages. Stalk the same streets as the Angel of Death and the Boston Strangler. Step inside the Omni Parker House Hotel, alive (and dead) with poltergeists and ghostly sightings.

Wander through the Granary Park Burying Grounds, one of the most haunted sites in Boston, where restless souls such as the famous colonial ghost, who is said to have willed a lightning bolt into striking him dead. The Ghosts and Gravestones Tour of Boston awaits.

Edinburgh, Scotland

old carlton burial ground

Scotland bloody history has left its mark on the capital city, and in some places has buried it deep under the streets. Just a block south of the Royal Mile lurks the entrance to the chilling and haunted Edinburgh Vaults, an underground city and network of dark, damp rooms.

The Vaults became home to immigrants, vagrants, criminals, and the unfortunate poor who died in these ancient halls. It was not until recent decades that the vaults were excavated, awakening the ghosts that hid away here.

Today, a chilling specter welcomes you to follow on a Haunted Edinburgh Ghost Tour to discover the souls trapped beneath the Royal Mile.

Johannesburg, South Africa


Your first thought when you think of South Africa is probably not ghosts or hauntings or poltergeists, but it should be. The city has become home to the Mystery Ghost Bus Tour, which offers chilling tours through the streets of Johannesburg as well as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Pretoria.

The Johannesburg tour in particular is quite chilling, leading ghoulish drives that follow the routes of bloody serial killers such as Daisy de Melker, infamously named Queen of Gore.

If you’re looking for a blend of history and the macabre, this tour is right up your dark, haunted alley.

Seoul, South Korea


Even though Korea’s very own Dark Side of Seoul ghost tours is run by ZenKimchi, which specializes in food tours, make no mistake: this is probably one of the most chilling tours in Southeast Asia.

Many major haunting sites across the continent are closed to the public, but Dark Side of Seoul leads travelers through the city’s haunted alleys to unearth the spirits that haunt the Yanghwagin Foreigners Cemetery – where 3,000 French Catholics were murdered – the site of the Gwanghyewon murders, and numerous other lost souls that haunt the city.

Mexico City, Mexico


Though its not technically featured on any major Mexico City tour, its hard not to mention the infamous Isla de Las Munecas – The Island of the Dolls. A small island within the Xochimico canals, the colorful Xochimico boats don’t tread too closely to this terrifying little island.

Originally managed by Don Julian Santana Barrera, it is said that he discovered a the body of a girl who drowned near the island, as well as a doll. To pay respect to her spirit, he hanged the doll from a nearby tree, but over the years began placing dolls all throughout the island. Most are not even whole, just doll heads or decapitated bodies hanging from branches, some missing eyes or limbs.

Legend has it that the dolls are possessed by the spirit of the girl who drowned and can even move or talk to each other in a childlike voice. Whether it is true or not you’ll have to find out on your own…

Point Cook, Australia


Back in bloody Australia, we can’t end this post without mentioning one of the most unique experiences we’ve stumbled upon is the TRAPT Madhouse in Point Cook. Half ghost tour, half escape room, TRAPT Madhouse takes place at the Point Cook Homestead, just outside Melbourne, registered historical site and unregistered spooky haunt.

The tour invites guests to get locked inside the ghostly halls where they’ll be forced to solve a mysterious and bloody murder or else remained trapped with the other ghoulish residents.

Not for the faint of heart, but perfect for us horror aficionados looking for a good scare. Don’t miss your chance to get TRAPT at Point Cook Homestead this October.

We’re madly in love with a good ghost story, so share your paranormal experiences and favorite haunted attraction in the comments below. Think of a tour or attraction we didn’t mention? Let us know below.

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