Travel Tours for Seniors with Wanderlust

Travel Tours for Seniors with Wanderlust

One of the common discussions I have with my coworkers is our unrelenting wanderlust. We’ve all come to realize we’ll never live without it and are always on the hunt for the next great travel destination, making our bucket lists longer and longer. While trying to organize these lists we’ve concluded that some trips are best while we’re still a little limber and adventurous, while other we’d prefer to take all-inclusive travel packages that offer more comfort and treatment without hurting our wallets.

As a result, we’ve found a handful of tours and destinations that are perfect for seniors who can’t shake their wanderlust and are looking a vacation package that lets them see the wonders of the world.

Cruise up to the Glaciers of Alaska


The wonders of Alaska are always worth a trip, but an arduous land trip can be training for both seasoned and fresh travelers. However, by sea, travelers can enjoy the luxuries of a high-class vacation while enjoying the unmatched beauty of the Glacier Bay. Along the way up from Vancouver to Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, you can enjoy the unmatched amenities of Star Princess Cruises with a 10 Day Alaska Cruise.

Discover the Beauty of the West Coast


Ever wanted to see Big Sur? Or discover San Francisco? A road trip up the West Coast can be costly and draining if you don’t know the best rest stops and sights to see. Rather than plan your own road trip, join a 3-Day Express Tour from LA to San Francisco and back. This scenic tours heads up Big Sur to the Danish town of Solvang, the picturesque California city of Santa Barbara, and then down to Yosemite (summer) or Hearst Castle (winter). Perfect for a quick trip, this tour departs weekly and is budgeted with no hidden fees.

Explore the East Coast


Never been to Toronto? Washington, D.C.? Always wanted to see Niagara Falls? Or stand in the very spot where the U.S. was born in Philadelphia? See them all and more with an 5-Day East Coast tour from New York that’ll lead you right to Niagara Falls, cruise through the Thousand Islands of Canada, and back how to discover the birthplace of the nation.

See the Famous National Parks of the West


Its never too late to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon, the magnificence of Zion, and the pure beauty of Yosemite. With a 7-Day Gold Experience Tour you can see it all plus enjoy the famous casinos and shows of Las Vegas, cruise on Lake Powell, and enjoy a drive up to San Francisco. 

Relax on a Beach in Costa Rica


Costa Rica has been growing as a major adventure destination for years, but at its heart the country hosts a gorgeous coastline of pristine beaches that beckons travelers to watch the sun set over clear blue waves. Hotels have caught on on this and have started offering all-inclusive packages for travelers who want a relaxing vacation. A 6 day all-inclusive vacation on Puntarenas Beach is perfect seniors who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the country with all their needs taken care of.



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John Gray

A poet by heart and an editor by trade, I have traveled across the world in pursuit of my studies and to criss-cross destinations off my bucket list. While a student at the University of Iowa, I traveled to Cuba, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, where I lived for 6 months. I am currently planning a return trip to see the Great Barrier Reef and Western Australia.

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