Peru, the Mythical Land of South America

Peru, the Mythical Land of South America

That mystical land known as Peru offers you the opportunity to connect with ancient history, colorful and diverse regions, and fascinating cultures..Though an ancient land, modern Peru welcomes traveler’s to enjoy its varied cuisine, entertainment and art. During your Peru tour through the past and present, your will discover stunning scenery and places to experience a time of pleasure and tranquility.

Getting There


Jorge Chave’ is Lima’s international airport and receives airliners from all over the world.  At this main airport you can also take domestic flight connections to Peru’s provinces.

There are also cruise liners from the US or Europe arriving to Peru’s main port, Callao.

Where to Visit


Central Peru



Lima , an ancient city of colonial buildings, historic museums, delicious restaurants, archaeological sites, and lively nightlife,is a perfect point to start or end your Peru visit. Although Lima is crowded on people it seems this effect fades once you are getting into the the city spirit.

At night, you can head for Barranco district for the hottest parties in peñas – Afro-Peruvian clubs which bounce to the beat of cajón drums – or vibrant Miraflores full of places to eat and dance too.


The Nazca Lines


The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs that dominate Ica’s desert and in particular, the Nazca Valley.  There are many theories regarding the Nazca lines but no one really knows what was the purposes of these lines. You can discover them from above with a scenic Nazca Lines flight, offered year round.

The city of Nazca also offers travelers a dip in the Huacachina Oasis to relax. Or, if you’re looking to head to the beach, you can travel to the nearby Paracas Bay and see the stunning variety of wildlife with a cruise. Spot thousands of birds, sea lions, and penguins on a lively and scenic Ballesta Island cruise.


To get a grip of the Andean landscape and high mountain range, Huaraz is a great (and perfectly safe) destination for adventure-seekers. The mountains here are stunning, and there are fantastic multi-day trek options for those looking for some outdoor activity.


Northern Peru



The best spot for surfer is at Máncora Beach, just north of Lima in the province of Piura. Located along the equator, Piura’s seaside is a true paradise filled with seafood, watersports, horse riding and whale watching cruises. Máncora itself is also one of the finest beaches in South America with year-round sunshine and huge waves. December to March are the hottest months but you can travel here at any time of the year.

On your way to Mancora, having a stop in Trujillo, a small fishing town directly on the beach. While here, is worthy visiting the archaeological site of Chan Chan, the world’s largest adobe city ever built. Here it was the settlement of the Chimu civilization that lived before the Incas from 850 and 1534.



Further north you’ll discover Chachapoyas, a  region along the Andes and home to the Chachapoya civilization that lived there between 500 and 1432.

Today, you can visit Kuelap, the fortified city at known as “The Machu Picchu of the North.” Be sure to also visit Gocta, a beautiful waterfall that is one of the highest in the world.

Peruvian Amazon


Peru is home to a very unique side of the Amazons, which is best explored from Iquitos.

Inquitos is accessible only by boat or plane, making it completely jungle-locked. It is the largest city within the Peruvian rainforest and sits at the mouth of the Amazon.

The nearby Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is Peru’s largest Reverse and at two million hectares, it is home to a huge range of nearly 1000 birds, mammals, fish and reptiles.

Southern Peru



Travelling down south, the White City of Arequipa is a beautiful city with a historical centre that was constructed primarily from volcanic ash from the nearby volcanoes. There is lots of colonial buildings in this city and one main attraction is the Santa Catalina Monastery.

This town offer also a magnificent scenery for doing activities such as mountain biking, river rafting, trekking, horse riding etc.  It is also perfect for a Colca Canyon tour to discover the natural habitat of the Andean Condor too.

The Floating Islands of Uros


They may sound like a Hollywood movie title but it is actually the name of the group of manmade islands in Lake Titicaca. These islands are home to the indigenous Uros people who have built their own houses, islands and boats from the totora reeds which grow along the banks of the lake.

Lake Titicaca is one of the highest lakes worldwide and can only truly be explore with a Lake Titicaca cruise, an unforgettable experience on a very blue waters and sky.

The Best for Last


Cusco & Machu Picchu

Last but not least, Cusco is a major tourist destination and sits on Inca-built stone foundations not far from Peru’s major attraction of Machu Picchu, which is open all the year around. However if you’re looking to brave the most famous hike in the world, the Inca Trail, the best month to visit are August to October. With Cusco as your starting point you can easily join Machu Picchu tours directly to the Lost Citadel or begin the Inca Trial hike through the Sacred Valley.

Cusco itself is popular with trail walkers, history lovers, and party-goers who come to enjoy the city’s many colorful festivals.  The most important festival is in June: Inti Raymi, an ancient festival dating back to the Inca Empire.

Cusco is the undisputed archaeological capital of the Americas and an essential part of your trip to Peru.

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