5 Game of Thrones Tours Every Fan Should Take

5 Game of Thrones Tours Every Fan Should Take

Winter has arrived newest season of Game of Thrones that has been building to a tense and climatic finale. As we’re expecting the next season to be released mid-summer of 2018, we all have plenty of time to visit the famous filming locations around the globe. Iffew Game of Thrones themed tours that we’re betting every fan wants to join in on.

Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland



Gorgeous just on its own, Tollymore provides some of the best backdrops for season one’s most pivotal scenes. Departing from Dublin over the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, fans can experience the season from beginning to end. See where the Night’s Watch Rangers were set upon by White Walkers, discover the river where the Stark’s met their direwolf pups for the first time, and stand in the very site where Robb Stark was declared King of the North.

Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland is the picturesque representation of the Iron Islands and the North, from its rugged and magnificent highlands to the scenic and sweeping coasts. Traveling along the Causeway Coastal Route from Belfast, one of the most scenic routes in all of Northern Ireland, you’ll relive great scenes from season 2, from the cave where Melisandre birthed her shadow demon, the site of Renly’s murder and the parley between the Baratheon’s and the Starks.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


From season 2 to today, Croatia has served as an invaluable filming location for the series. With its classic old harbor, complex alleys, and historic buildings, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing come alive, as well as the great city of Qarth. Book and show fans will love the in-depth and scenic tour of this historic city, which shows them everything from King Joffrey’s name day tourney to the brothel where Robert’s bastard was killed.

Split, Croatia


Like Dubrovnik, Split was a perfect filming location for the continent of Essos and to chronicle Daenerys’s rise to power. This historic city with rich Roman architecture mirrors the towering stone structures of Meereen, from the cellars where the slaves lived to the alleyways where the Sons of the Harpy preyed on the Unsullied. Those on holiday in Croatia can easily book this tour for as low as $35.


Grjotagja Attraction Photo

Iceland is the land of ice and fire made reality, from volcanic landscapes of Thingvellir beside magnificent glaciers, but the name itself is what drew the producers here. The glacier lagoons, soothing hot springs, and frozen fields make this region the perfect setting for the world North of the Wall. Take a Game of Thrones tour from Reykjavik and see where King of the North, Jon Snow, and his merry band of adventures fought an army of Whitewalkers. Or stand atop the cliff where the Hound and Brienne had an epic duel.

One of the most notable sites is the Myvatn Nature Baths, or Grjotagia, where Ygritte and Jon Snow first expressed there love. If you’re staying in Akuyeri then you can take a quick day tour North of the Wall to the Myvatn Nature Baths, but a dedicated fan would relish the chance to spend 5 days touring Iceland its gorgeous natural scenery.

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