8 Europe Holiday Destinations in Autumn

8 Europe Holiday Destinations in Autumn

Summer is rolling to an end as we reach August and hopefully this horrid heat wave will go with it, but sadly that’ll mean the end of summer vacations and a return to school and work. Most of us are have probably expended our vacation fund and will have to spend the next few months saving up for another getaway, but if you want to plan a little early (as you always should where travels related) then we’re here to help with a few perfect Autumn holiday destinations. October will likely be the prime time to travel, giving you just enough time to save up while also not interrupting any family events in November and December.

We’d like to show you a few places around the world that a perfect holiday destinations in October, so here’s our list of perfect European destinations for Autumn.

1. Bratislava


As we mentioned in our Get to Know a City: Bratislava post last month, the Slovakian capital is a perfect Autumn destination. The summer crowds will have fled and weather settle down, but that doesn’t stop this city from partying. Harvest season will be the best time to visit so you can taste the freshly popped Slovakian wines while enjoying on the many music festivals that pop up throughout the city. There are also plenty of tours and things to do in Bratislava, so don’t miss the chance to explore this great city when its at its liveliest.

2. Croatia


We’re all falling in love with Croatia at our office, and its no wonder: this country is gorgeous! One of the fastest growing travel destinations for the young and young at heart, there’s plenty to do year round in Croatia, but Autumn brings an end to the tourist season and will clear up the hotels for you.

The rainy season will begin, but you’ll still enjoy relatively warm weather for swimming. We especially encourage you to visit Plitvace National Park which, just from the above picture, is one of the most beautiful places to see Autumn leaves.  Check out Get to Know a City: Split and The Best of Croatia post for more tips to exploring this great country.

3. Madrid


Spain as a whole suffers through summer tourist crowds every year, but autumn gives you a bit more breathing room as the weather cools down and the locals take back their city. The weather will mellow out before getting chilly in November, so you’ll enjoy a nice middle ground with a holiday in Madrid. Best of all, you’ll get to some real fall foliage as many of its parks turn to a soft gold. Make sure to take a Madrid sightseeing tour to introduce yourself to the city!

4. Oktoberfest


Okay, let’s be honest. There’s one reason you’re heading to Germany this autumn and that’s for Octoberfest. Do you really need more incentive to travel to Europe? I could talk about the history, the culture, but we know what you want: to taste the finest beer in the world with a 16 day festival! So what are you waiting for? Grab a Octoberfest vacation package today and reserve your spot to this fantastic event!

5. Reykjavik


Again, honesty hour. There isn’t a bad time to visit Iceland. We don’t care if its frozen over, if the Old Gods have risen up from Godafoss and are raging across the gorgeous countryside. This country is glorious.

What you can expect from an autumn holiday in Reykjavik is golden trees, heavenly Thingvellir National Park, discounts on hotels, and, most of all, Iceland Airwaves, the country’s most magnificent music festival. It’s scheduled for the first week of November so you’ll be edging towards winter, but you’ll be rewarded with the best performances in Europe.

And don’t forget to visit Hraunfossar cascades (pictured at teh top) a stunning array of waterfalls that complete transform in autumn.

6. Venice


If you missed your chance to visit Italy this summer, then you’ll definitely want to take a trip to Venice this October when the crowds have funneled out. And don’t think cause the tourists are gone that there isn’t much to do: Venice’s very own Biennale art festival will be in its last few weeks and the lack of crowds will make it an exception experience.

Plus, the grape harvest will have come in, meaning some of the best wines to taste. So grab a glass and enjoy the rich culture of Venice with a classic Grand Canal cruise.

7. Scottish Highlands


Want to see fall foliage, but tired of New England? Want something a bit more untouched wilderness to explore? Looking for a truly fantastic autumn getaway? Then take a trip to the Scottish Highlands, where you’ll discover hills upon hills of red, orange, and gold trees that are truly captivating.

You’ll get to see this countries amazing wildlife foraging before winter, from red deer to graceful swans. To top it all off, the fruit harvests will bring in the sweetest desserts you can find.

8. Loire Valley, France


Lastly, we have to mention France. Summer may have disappointed a few travelers as much of Paris has emptied out with the locals on vacation or the rowdiness of the football tournament made the city less than pleasant.

But autumn offers travelers an excellent visit, especially if you get out of the city with a day trip to the Loire Valley, one of France’s finest wine regions and home to dozens of fantastic castles and chateaus that are just waiting for you to explore them.

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