Ecuador, the Beauty of Biodiversity

Ecuador, the Beauty of Biodiversity

Ecuador, one of the smallest countries on South America with an area comparable to the state of Nevada, is located on the equinoctial line, with territories on both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere it receives high insulation and luminosity, which gives it twelve hours of light daily throughout the year.

This small place is a biodiverse, multi-ethnic and pluri-cultural country, with honest and friendly people, where you can live exceptional experiences that make it a unique destination to be visited.

Due to its location at the center of the world, Ecuador concentrates in a small territory a compendium of the diversity of the planet, which are conjugated in the Andes Mountains, paradisiacal coasts, mysterious and deep Amazon jungles and a unique treasure in the world that constitutes a natural laboratory called the Galapagos Islands.

Megadiverse and beautiful, Ecuador is recognized worldwide for its richness and variety in terms of plants and animals that it possesses per square meter. The privileged fauna and flora concentrates 10% of all the species of plants in the world.

Ecuador has more than 17,058 species of vascular plants, the country is home to approximately 1,600 species of birds that inhabit the continental territory, in addition to another 38 species that are endemic to the Galapagos Islands.

Between the mainland and the Galapagos, Ecuador is also home to a total of 350 species of reptiles and 400 species of amphibians. Only in snakes there are 210 species, ranging in size from the extremely small, 16 cm, to the gigantic anaconda that can reach up to 6 meters in length.

It is estimated that in the waters of the region of the Amazon basin there are more than 800 species of fish, among which we can find electric eels and piranhas.


In the areas with the highest biodiversity in the Ecuadorian jungle, half a hectare can contain up to 70,000 species of insects. Only the number of butterfly species is estimated to be around 6,000. Take into consideration that the total number of these species of butterflies in the world is around 20,000.

Ecuadorians have stated that nature has rights. These rights have been recognized in the Constitution of the country – the first in the world and such law existance – where 20% of the national territory is protected in 44 reserves and natural parks, including Yasuní National Park, A jungle jewel of the Pleistocene, and world biosphere reserve. “Where, in a square kilometer, there is more variety of trees than in all North America”.

Its great biodiversity, one of the reasons why all you need is Ecuador.

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