Next Level Sightseeing with a Smartphone Scavenger Hunt!

Next Level Sightseeing with a Smartphone Scavenger Hunt!

Recently, my partner and I were looking for a way to celebrate the beginning of the warmer season here in Australia, when we stumbled across Big City Hunt, an international sightseeing smartphone scavenger hunt that works from the palm of your hand.

I know everyone is glued to their phone (you’re reading this from your phone right now, aren’t you?) so let me clue you in on the perfect way to use that little computer/best friend on an outdoor travel adventure…

The Basics

Team photo!
Team photo!

The hunt is smartphone based. Sign up, get your crew together, download the app, and you’re ready to go!

Each competitor takes on a role in the team and is sent challenges via text message. The more challenges you complete, the more points you collect and the further you climb up the leader board.

Challenges range from taking quirky photos, solving riddles, and even creating your own questions!

The hunts will take you all across the city you’ve chosen to explore – indoors to museums, outside to iconic monuments, all the while providing you with fun facts and tasks to complete along the way.

As long as your phone has the capabilities, you can play across the world from any Big City Hunt locations. Whether you’re looking to get to know London, Montreal, or Toronto, trekking across America, backpacking Australia, or sightseeing in New Zealand, you can take on the hunt in each destination.

Capture a snapshot of the cutest team member!

Have a group adventure or take on the challenge solo, it’s totally up to you. No matter how big or small your team is, each of you will be assigned a role, from detective or photographer to team leader.

The hunts are family friendly, perfect for kids and grown ups alike. Perfect for dates, corporate events, birthdays, bachelorette’s, or just some straight-up family fun, you’re bound to have a fantastic time.

More than a travel gimmick…

Big City Hunt isn’t just about the game. As you wander about, you’re sure to spot things you’ve never noticed before- cafes, lookouts, stores and things you would have looked right through until the hunt made you look a little closer.

Take a selfie of the team member with the lowest phone battery – Me…

It’s a brilliant way to get to know the city you grew up in, a place you’ve just moved to, or a new destination on your travel bucket list.

It’s also the perfect way to get to know someone! Each role on the team requires you to have a certain set of skills. Love taking photos? Be the team’s photographer, ridiculously good at riddles? Let this be your time to shine! There’s a position to suit everyone, and it’s a great team building exercise to bond with fellow travellers.

Once the hunt is over and you’re sharing a well-deserved post-adventure meal (and maybe a few cheeky beers) you can download all the images you took along the way and share them across social media to prove you went outside…Learn and explore like never before with Big City Hunt!


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