New Zealand Ski Trips to Escape the Heat

New Zealand Ski Trips to Escape the Heat

Now it’s true that the South Pacific is not a snow heavy region, but don’t dismiss the region from your next ski adventure. While its a great place to hide from Winter come December, New Zealand is also a perfect place to cool off from July to September with a little mid-year, snowy escape.

Given that the South Pacific undergoes a reversal of seasons throughout the year compared to us Northerners, New Zealand experience its Winter from June to August. To capitalize on the rush of snow to the South Island’s peaks, aka the Southern Alps, there are a variety of ski resorts riddled throughout the island’s inland region.

Cardrona Ski Valley

Just north of Queenstown, Cardrona is a superb ski field with plenty of powder. Located above the treeline, this region offers over 850 acres of clear slopes for both beginners and pros to make their trails. Whether you’re looking to get your feet wet (or icy) or want a perfect space to demonstrate your skills, Cardrona is one of the best ski fields in New Zealand, especially if you’re staying in the adventure capital of Queenstown.

The Remarkables


The most famous mountain range in New Zealand and one of the most photographed in the world, The Remarkables is also a great ski destination for those looking to test the waters (slopes?) around New Zealand. For beginners, its also one of the best place to get your sea (snow?) legs while enjoying the ravishing landscapes of New Zealand from its towering cliffs. Veteran skiiers will still enjoy the expansive snow bowls and higher trailers which will give them great views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. Just a 40 minute drive from Queenstown, the Remarkables offers a little for everyone looking to see New Zealand’s treasured slopes.

Treble Cone


Next up is Treble Cone ski field, the largest of the New Zealand ski areas at over 1,300 acres! Unlike Cardrona, which has something for everyone, Treble Cone is all about the extremes, from its expansive size, summit elevation of 6,850 feet, and the impressive and thrilling vertical drop of 2,300 feet! Perfect for powderhounds, only 10% of the region is fit for beginners, while the remaining 90% is evening split between intermediates and experts. This makes it a prime destinations for pro skiers who are looking for the exhilaration and freedom of a wide open ski field without running into any family vacations clocking up the trails.

Treble Cone is most easily reached from Wanaka, which is just 30 minutes south.



One of the highest rated ski fields in New Zealand, Craigieburn is perfect for the extreme powderhound looking to experience a true New Zealand winter. From wide snowy fields to steep inclines to challenging . At 990 acres you have plenty of terrain to explore, but don’t think this is an easy push. Craigieburn is not for beginners and and even seasoned skiers will find it challenging. But that’s what makes it the perfect. Here, the weak have been filtered out and only the best skiers are left to make their mark on this amazing, untouched terrain.

Hit the slopes with an extended, all-inclusive 12 day New Zealand ski package that will take you to Craigieburn and more!

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