Exploring the World Through Pokemon GO

Exploring the World Through Pokemon GO

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Pokemon Go has taken the entire world by storm! From avid Pokemon fans to curious youngsters, the game has become a pop culture sensation and an “excuse” to get more active… perhaps as part of Nintendo’s scheme to get us all healthier (oh the horror!) All fun aside, the game has become so globally popular that one would very likely run into a fellow player in almost any country or region they visited. So if you are traveling in the near future, consider these Pokemon Go benefits

Get to know the city you are visiting

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Granted, we would hope you would be adventuring already, but Pokemon Go offers a unique opportunity to more easily find the best spots for your adventures. Everyone knows the tourist spots to check out, but consider the areas that are popular (and for good reason!) with the locals. There are bound to be a lot of clumped Pokestops in major shopping sections, buildings, museums and so on. Just take a look at your app to see if there are any areas nearby that are thick with Pokestops and lures going on. If so, run (or walk) over to that spot! You’ll not only catch some great Pokemon but also get to know the city you are in at a much more personal and local level.

Meet other local or international players

Tons of people came out for the Pokemon GO CN Tower meetup!! #PokemonGo #PokemonGoToronto

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Speaking of the locals, we just thought of a fantastic way to break the ice. Perhaps start with a casual “Any good Pokemon nearby?” or “Do you have any rare/cool Pokemon” or “What team are you on?”. Even if you are not on the same team, it opens the door for a chance to battle nearby – remember to never judge a player by their team! The best part about playing Pokemon Go while traveling is the likelihood that you will come across a fellow international traveler. If you didn’t have a lot to talk about already, now you have a day’s worth.

If you aren’t an ice-breaker type of person and prefer more organized meetups, have no fear! There are large-scale, organized meetup groups for Pokemon Go in virtually any city. You will be able to see where the group is meeting and how many people are attending. Check out Los Angeles and New York for inspiration. Making international and local friends can be great, but if you’re in the dating pool you may have found your Pokemon match. Pokemon Go dates have become common on dating sites such as OkCupid and Tinder. With a common interest (or passion) and a date theme, things are bound to go swimmingly. And at least if your date isn’t a good match for you, you can still have fun running around for Pokemon. What a time to be dating!

Explore different areas for different Pokemon


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While you’re running around to all the Pokestops in a new city, you might get a little tired of catching 20 Ratatats while wandering Downtown. To avoid the monotony of the game, its best to change up your itinerary each day to test out different sites. We know that Pokemon spawn in different sites, such as grass types near parks and forest and water types by the beach or lakes, so if you’re looking to fill up your Pokedex its best to visit the various neighborhoods of a new city. Maybe take on day to stroll along the beach, and the next visit a state or national park.

Crowd sourcing groups are also working on mapping all the areas where different types of Pokemon are likely to spawn, aka Poke Nests. As these grow with more and more data you’ll be able to see all the hotspots for all the Pokemon your missing. I’m looking at you Scyther!


Play away all those vacation calories

Machop is here to pump you up!

Just because you are on vacation does not mean you have to gain weight! Granted, it is more socially-acceptable to gain a few pounds while lounging on the beaches in Mexico, but what if there was a way to keep the vacation pounds off while still enjoying yourself? You see where we are going with this. Play Pokemon Go, keep the vacation weight off. In fact, you may just lose a few pounds!

Save Money!


Businesses and attractions are cashing in on the sudden rush of millennials to Pokestop-rich downtown and old town districts with discounts for confirmed players. Many bars in the Bay Area are offering drink discounts if you catch a Pokemon nearby, while some restaurants and stores give discounts depending on your team. Surprisingly, museums in LA are encouraging visitors to play the games too, offering discounts as low as 50%, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Pokemon Go may seem like a frivolous, silly waste of time, but it can actually save you a bit of money on your next trip.

On an extra heartwarming note, Philly Animal Shelter in Philadelphia is offering adoption discounts for players who catch a Pokemon or conquer a gym at their shelter. If you catch one, you’ll receive a 50% discount, but if you take a gym, you get a pet for free!


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