10 Haunted Sites in Australia You Can Explore

10 Haunted Sites in Australia You Can Explore

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It’s no secret that Australia has a pretty dark and mysterious history. From asylums to haunted theatres, the paranormal and supernatural run wild here, and we’ve found ten haunted places down under that you can explore for yourself (if you’re brave enough, that is).

Aradale Asylum


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Opened in 1867, Aradale, in Ararat, Victoria, is Australia’s largest abandoned lunatic asylum. Comprised of 68 buildings, the hospital was considered a self-sufficient town. Functioning at a time when little was understood about health, and morals were skewed, the treatment of residents was beyond horrific. Tours are conducted here daily, and if you’re lucky, you may come across one of the estimated 13, 000 people died here in the 130 years the facility was open, or Nurse Kerry, who watches every ghost tour take place.

Old Melbourne Jail

Old Melbourne Jail

Housing some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, including Ned Kelly, Old Melbourne Jail witnessed 133 hangings between 1842 and 1929. You can learn about what life in the prison was like for inmates, and hear tales from the Hangman on a night tour, held various nights of the week.

Devil’s Pool

Devil's Pool

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The beautiful Babinda Creek in Cains, North Queensland, flows into a waterhole known as Babinda Boulders. The nickname ‘Devil’s Pool’ comes from the mysterious happenings around the area. The Aboriginal people consider Devil’s Pool sacred ground, as it is linked to the Dreamtime story of lovelorn Olena, who threw herself into the depths of the waterhole after falling in love with a man she was forbidden to marry, but 17 others that have also lost their lives in the area are said to still be around. Nonetheless, the waterhole is a beautiful and popular tourist attraction.

Monte Cristo Homestead


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Known as the most haunted home is Australia, Monte Cristo Homestead in NSW, is home to many ghosts, including a stable boy who was killed in a fire, a baby thrown from the stairs, and a maid pushed from a balcony. Beautiful, grand, and full of mystery, you can stay at the home overnight and experience for yourself some of the paranormal goings on in this intriguing piece of history.

Fremantle Arts Centre


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Showcasing exhibits and art programs in Western Australia, Fremantle Arts Centre was originally a mental facility built by convicts, functioning as such until the early 1900’s. As such, it is now a place with dense spiritual history, well worth a visit for anyone who’s looking for a ghastly good time.

Princess Theatre

Princess Theatre

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Still one of Melbourne’s most popular theatres, the majestic Princess Theatre is said to be haunted by the infamous ‘Frederick Federici’ who died as he fell through the trap door mid performance in 1888.

Boggo Road Jail


This jail housed some of Australia’s most well known criminals over it’s 100 sum years of operation. Stark, and intimidating, the historical site in Brisbane, Queensland is not to be missed. Take part in more than five available tours, including a ghost tour, history tour, and even an ex-inmate tour….

Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley

This successful winery in wonderful South Australia has a furtive history. It is said that the footsteps of Oscar Benno Seppelt and his family can be heard wandering the halls, as well as screams from the surrounding vineyards and a myriad of other paranormal mysteries.

National Film and Sound Archives


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Once the Institute for Anatomy, this building in Canberra has seen more than its fair share of ghosts and gore. Everything from a laughing little girl to a mischievous poltergeist is said to have been witnessed by visitors to this now thriving cultural archive.

Manly Quarantine Station


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From the 1830’s to 1984, Manly Quarantine Station housed ill migrants to protect the people of Sydney and Australia from infection and disease. It is said that more than 500 people perished in the station from deadly inflictions like Spanish Flu, Typhus, and even Bubonic Plague. Multiple day tours are available here, including ghost and historical tours, and if you’ve got the courage, you can also spend the night…

These are just ten of the most haunted places in Australia, but visit anytime, and you can see for yourself that there are many more creepy adventures to be had!

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