What You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Airline Ban

What You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Airline Ban

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As a result of the influx of fires caused by Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s, airlines and governments have put in place restrictions and bans on the phone.

What countries are affected?

United States: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned by all U.S. airlines. The ban prohibits all individuals from bring a phone aboard a flight, be it in their pocket, carry-on bag, and checked bags. it also requires air carriers to inform passengers of the ban before they board and deny any passenger who possesses a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from boarding a flight.

India: As of September, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has required all passengers aboard an Indian airline to keep the phones off and to not charge them while aboard an aircraft for safety concerns. The Indian airline operator Vistara has outright issued a formal ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s aboard flights. The Malaysian airline group AirAsia has also issued a ban on the phone for all flights in India.

Australia: The government has yet to formally ban the phone, however, the major airlines Qantas, Virgin America, Tiger Airlines, and Jetstar have all issued bans on the phone.

Hong Kong: The Hong Kong International Airport have banned all passengers from carrying the device on any flight to and from Hong Kong.

Malaysia: AirAsia has probhibited teh phone on all flights, and has extended the ban to include both recalled and replacement devices.

Japan: The government of Japan and aviation department have issued an outright ban on the device across all airlines. Airlines now have the right to confiscate the phones form passengers in the event of accidentally bringing one on board.

Germany: Air Berlin and Lufthansa have both issue bans on the device.

Singapore: The device has been banned from Singapore Airlines and passengers who have a phone in their procession will not be allowed to board the flight.

Italy: Alitalia Airline has officially banned the device from all flights and will not allow the phone in hand baggage, air cargo, or checked bags.

How will this affect you?

  • Accidental Possession: If you accidentally bring the Note 7 aboard a U.S. flight, you must immediately power it off, cannot use or charge the phone during the flight, disable any functions that may accidentally start the phone (alarm clocks, etc.), and keep the device on your person, but not in the overhead compartment, seat pocket, or carry-on baggage. If a crew member discovers you have a phone on your possession they are required to inform you of the ban and ask that you turn the device off. If you bring one aboard a Japanese flight, you will have the phone confiscated.
  • Transporting the Phone: The ban also includes any means of transporting the phone via air, such as through the mail, cargo holds, or any other flight service.
  • Helicopter Tours, Airplane Tours, Flightseeing Tours: The ban also includes helicopter flights and all passengers boarding a helicopter tour in the U.S. are prohibited from bringing the phone aboard the flight. Some helicopter operators offer lockers to hold the phone in during the flight or may request that you leave it with the staff.
  • Replacement devices: Some airlines have vaguely worded the ban to include all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, including replacement devices, while others have left the question open-ended. The best suggestion is to contact the airline directly to confirm the policies on transporting replacement devices.


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