Welcome to Mendoza

Welcome to Mendoza

Mendoza, to say the least, is one of the finest wine regions in the world and among Argentina’s many diverse and stunning attractions one of the must sees on a trip to Argentina.

Mendoza is located 1,050km west of Buenos Aires and 340 km northwest of Santiago (Chile) via the Los Libertadores border.

The provincial capital proper is a relatively small area with a population of only about 115,000, but together with the surrounding departments of Las Heras, Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz, along with nearby Maipú and Luján de Cuyo, swells the population of Gran Mendoza (Greater Mendoza) to a little over one million.

The city of Mendoza can be accessed either by air at Francisco Gabriel international airport or by land on the National Route 7 and 40.

What to Do

Wine tasting room in Mendoza
Wine tasting room in Mendoza

Without a doubt one of the chief attractions for Mendoza are the many lively Mendoza wine tours, which offer a variety of routes and options, from daily departures ro private tours to select wineries. You can easily plan ahead and package all your local activities with a Mendoza tour package. You can plan ahead before heading to Mendoza region and start organizing a Mendoza wine tour to visit the local vineyards, famed for Malbecs. This is an excellent occasion for savoring samples of wines and getting also few bottles back home.

Mendoza town is a lively place full of wide, leafy streets lined with modern and art deco buildings, and smaller plazas surrounding Plaza Independencia, site of subterranean Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, displaying modern and contemporary art, fountains and an easy pace of life that will captivate you, so you might consider that one or two days will not be enough during your stay over here.  

You’ll have plenty to see and do in the day, and more so in the evening, when the city’s nightlife awakens. Though it may be crowded you’ll want to head down Av Avistides, home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and cafes.

The region also is a great place to go rafting, skiing, hiking, and a variety of other adventures in the nearby Andes, including Mount Aconcagua. Yo ucan set out on your own into the countryside or join one of many Mendoza tours and let a local guide show you all the hidden secrets.

When to Visit

Mules in the Aconcagua Mountain Trail summer - Argentina
Mules in the Aconcagua Mountain Trail in summer

When to visit really depends on your preference, as Mendoza is comfortable throughout the year. Even in winter (Jun-Aug) you can enjoy a romantic wine tour with a day at Las Leñas for skiing. The transition into spring (Sep-Nov) is lovely, as the whole area is in bloom, and with the warm weather it is perfect for hiking or biking through the countryside to see the rich colors. Once summer settles in (Dec-Feb) you’ll want a nice sun hat and a pool to cool off.

For wine lovers, fall (Mar-May) is spectacular, as you’ll be able to enjoy the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, aka of the National Grape Harvest. This is one of Argentina’s most beloved annual festivals in honor of Mendoza’s artisan wines. This marvelous event starts with an artistic spectacle of dance, lights, music, performers and fireworks. There is also the election of the National Grape Harvest Queen.

If you are looking to enjoy moderate weather and visit when the wine harvest is wrapping up, May would be the best time to visit the Mendoza and also to enjoy the alamo trees glow golden and fresh nights.

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