Travel News: Brexit, Istanbul and more

Travel News: Brexit, Istanbul and more



Following the United Kingdom’s 52% majority vote to leave the European Union, the British pound has depreciated in value 12%. Nearly 3 trillion dollars was wiped off the global market in just 2 days.

While a majority of those who voted “yes” are thrilled, there are many citizens did not fully understand the consequences of leaving the EU [or chose to vote “yes” as a way to express frustration], which has since left them with voter’s remorse. Over 4 million citizens have signed a referendum calling for a re-vote.

England Prime Minister David Cameron, who had been vehemently against the UK departure from the EU, stepped down following the vote.

The following months will be vital to the survival of the UK as the European Union decides upon trade rulings with the UK and the people adjust to the Brexit changes & repercussions. Other members of the EU expect the official separation process to be swift, and there is the possibility that other EU countries may follow suit.


Istanbul attack


The attacks on the middle east and eastern Europe continue as Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport was attacked Tuesday, killing 43 and leaving around 235 injured. The three suicide bombers are suspected to be of Russian background, although the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Authorities are gathering as much information as possible at this time, although not much has been confirmed. World organizations continue to try to learn more about the IS terrorist group and their means of gaining new followers [in this case, Soviets].


Leaders Around The World

Peru – New President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, better known as PPK, will be taking office July 28. He has previously served as Prime Minister of Peru from 2005-2006 and Minister of Economy and Finance 2004-2005.

Newly elected Peruvian President PPK. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia
Newly elected Peruvian President PPK. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia
New Peruvian president Ollanta Humala
Former Peruvian president Ollanta Humala

Philippines: Rodrigo Deterte was sworn in as the next President of the Philippines on June 30. He has been nicknamed “The Punisher” due to his aggressive plans and views against drug lords and drug addicts. Deterte promises harsh change to the country, all for the betterment of the people. His time as President may prove to be monumental for the country’s drug cartels.

UK: Following Cameron’s departure, Boris Johnson’s [Brexit unofficial leader] announced on Thursday that he would not seek the new position, leaving 5 candidates to run for Prime Minister. Parliament is expected to select the new leader by September 9. The conservative candidates include Theresa May, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Stephen Crabb, and Liam Fox.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down following the EU vote
Former Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down following the EU vote


Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Photo courtesy of WikiMedia
Photo courtesy of WikiMedia

Cruise line Royal Caribbean has completed construction of the world’s largest ship: the Harmony of the Seas. 1,188 feet long and the equivalent of 23 stories high, the ship boasts all of the “traditional” pool spaces of a cruise ship top deck, along with an ice-skating rink and the Ultimate Abyss, which is comprised of 2 slides that drop over 9 stories. Catch glimpses of the “swanky” boat here.


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