General Travel Tips

General Travel Tips

Simple travel tips for everyone, everywhere

General Do’s

Make sure your passport is up-to-date or renewed

If in Europe: travel by train. It is cheap, fast, and easy to learn

Take a taxi if you haven’t read-up on the public transportation in a new area and you’re coming off a flight or train ride. That ease is worth the extra money and will give you time to research other transportation options if you want to save money in the coming days at your destination.

Keep your personal documents / valuables [such as passports and ID’s] somewhere safe while you travel

Have a backup stack of cash and identification somewhere safe just in case you are lose some things or are unfortunately pickpocketed.

Bring warm clothes where it’s supposed to be hot and cold clothes where it’s supposed to cold – you never know how the weather will change

Bring a pair of good or hiking walking shoes for any excursion

Pack as light as possible

Ask locals about your next destination to gain some insight and advice

Develop a general knowledge of where you are going and how to get around

Be aware of pickpockets! Keep your expensive belongings out-of-sight. General good rule: secure a pouch with your valuables under your shirt

Go where the locals go! This applies to everything, especially for restaurants

Try different foods, you will be glad you went out of your comfort zone

Make sure to check if a train ticket needs to be validated before you depart (definite yes in Italy)

Explore cities’ local markets for the best deals and opportunities

Venture out beyond the main sections of cities — or out of the big cities themselves! You will find the best places and have the best adventures this way

Email yourself all your banks/credit card/travel insurance contact info so that you can access it should you lose everything. BCC a trusted friend or relative.


General Don’ts:

Don’t forget to book ahead! Especially for highly-popular destinations or sites

Don’t forget to pack essentials that you cannot or won’t want to buy on the go

Do not stand in the middle of a busy sidewalk in a strange city! Move to the side and be courteous

Don’t be afraid to get lost – that’s when you find the best hidden gems and have the most memorable adventures

Don’t let taxi drivers take advantage of you; know your route and make sure they stick to it

Don’t forget an electrical adapter when you traveling outside of your country

Do not wait until midday to get going — get up early and explore!

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone

We hope these travel tip do’s and don’ts were helpful for your next trip you have planned. Be a smart and savvy traveler but most importantly — have fun!


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Jenna Goeke

Travel enthusiast and wanderlust sufferer, I have traveled to: Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Belize, the Caribbean, Amsterdam, Central & Southeastern Europe, France, Kenya and Tanzania. My dream destinations include New Zealand, Spain, Iceland and Thailand.

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