9 Most Romantic Getaways

9 Most Romantic Getaways

Valentines Day is upon us. Many of you may be thinking: well it isn’t for a whole month! While this is true, we think that these 9 romantic getaways may persuade you to start planning as soon as possible. They may even persuade you to change your Valentine’s ‘Day’ to a Valentine’s ‘week’ or ‘weekend’. With destinations such as these you will be anticipating your vacation for the entire coming month.

Napa, California

The charming “wine country” of California is peaceful, beautiful, and best of all, filled with delectable cuisine and local wines. A huge benefit to visiting Napa is that San Francisco is a just a short drive away! You can also take inspiration from this well-known region and discover the vast variety of wine-tasting options throughout Europe.

Hawaiian Islands

hawaii couple (1)

No matter the island, Hawaii is a paradise filled with remote treasures to discover. Waikiki on Oahu is undoubtedly one of the top romantic destinations in the Western United States, but you can discover a more private paradise on Kauai along the Na Pali coast and at Waimea Canyon. You cannot go wrong with Hawaii, or any tropical island chain for that matter!

Vancouver, Canada

Colorful Stanley Park in the autumn afternoon

Vancouver and much of Canada are extremely underrated destinations, especially considering all they have to offer. Vancouver has often been called the most beautiful city in North America during the springtime. Nearby you will find Vancouver Island and Whistler, with views of the snow-capped Rockies. Stay warm by the fire or tackle the snowy slopes, just as long as you take time to appreciate the wilderness of Canada.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica


The Osa Peninsula is one of the most undiscovered paradises of Central America. Costa Rica is a top destination for beautiful beaches, wildlife, and lush jungles, a true nature wonderland. That said, the Osa Peninsula alone has been categorized as one of the most biologically intense regions in the world. Get lost in this green and blue paradise.



The South Pacific is beautiful region, especially if you want to visit white sand beaches and blue waters. Located slightly Northeast of Australia and New Zealand, the tiny islands of Fiji may even spark a desire to visit other tropical paradises such as the Bahamas, Caribbean or Papua New Guinea. Why choose just one?

Miami, Florida


Always warm weather and waters, Miami embodies the culture of Puerto Rica and Cuba with an American influence. Hence, Miami is a fiery city filled with eclectic cuisine and music sure to inspire late nights of dancing and relaxing. If you’re looking for an exciting Valentine’s celebration, look no further.



In truth, there is no way you can go wrong with Italy. From Venice to Florence to Rome, there is beauty in everything from the food to the architecture. The coastal cities of the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre are particularly spectacular. Italy is undoubtedly a top tourist destination in the summer, so why not visit in February where it can be more intimate?

San Diego, California


No matter the visitors, San Diego has something for everyone. Families can vacation here with the outdoor parks and theme parks nearby, while those getting away for a romantic weekend can visit the endless beaches or enjoy a Valentine’s Day cruise. Immerse yourselves in the Southern Californian and Mexican culture. . the atmosphere here is contagious!



We all know that Paris is the “city of love”, and for good reason! However, if you travel to the many beautiful regions of France you may discover that the entire country was made for romance. The Eastern villages near Salzburg take you to a fairytale world from storybooks, while the French Riviera inspires the classic European ideals of a ‘perfect’ getaway.


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