Tour Miami with Jersey Shore’s “Snooki”?

If you haven’t heard of Snooki, you haven’t caught that reality show sensation known as Jersey Shore. Frankly, we haven’t seen too many episodes either, but we’ve still heard of Snooki and when we heard that she’ll be in Miami, we just had to spread the news. Snooki is one of the main stars of the MTV show and has become one of those pseudo-celebrities that can now be identified by one name. Admit it, you have no idea what her last name is either, right? Well, now is your chance to tour Miami  before meeting her and asking her all those hard-hitting questions you’ve been dying to ask.

And as if Snooki’s appearance needed anything else to make a Miami tour more enticing, word is spreading that MTV will be limiting the number of appearances Snooki and the rest of the cast can make to avoid overexposure. So even though Snooki spends most of her reality show time on the shores of New Jersey, now‘s your chance to see her in Miami before it’s too late.



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