Sintra Fairytale Tour


Ever wanted to live like royalty in the lap of luxury?  Every little girl dreams of being a princess in an enchanted castle awaiting her knight in shining armor.  Well, for a limited time, Tours4Fun is making dreams come true with the Sintra Fairly Tale Tour!  So what makes this destination so magical?  Come find out! 

Your adventure starts at Queluz Palace, a palace inspired by the design of the Palace Of Versaille!  This was a hot spot back in the day for royal bashes galore! You can just picture yourself in an elegant ball-gown (or suit for the princes) sipping on delicious wine and mingling with the dukes, duchesses, lords, ladies, and the rest of the royal crowd.  You will then make your way to the picturesque Pena Park where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the trails and wildlife that envelop you.  Later, head to the Queen’s Throne and indulge in a phenomenal view of the Pena National Palace.

Then you will be guided back to the historical center of Sintra where you can venture out by yourself and do some free sightseeing tailored to your own personal interests.  Hungry?  Why not try a travesseiro or queijada, two tantalizing and popular pastries of the area.  You also will have the option of dining at a local fresh fish restaurant!


With bellies full and energy replenished, you will continue onward to Cabo da Roca, the western-most point of Europe and enjoy the spectacular view from what is now known as the thrilling ‘Hell’s Mouth’.  On the way back to Lisbon, views of the scenic Atlantic Ocean will surely keep you entertained.

You’ll even get a choice of travel cars!  Pick from either a 3-person fun car for your intimate group, a 3-person open car for the adventurous, a 4-person executive car, or an 8-person group car for the party people.  Bon Voyage!


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