Peruvian Cuisine: A Fulfilling and Tasty Guide

Peruvian Cuisine: A Fulfilling and Tasty Guide

What is the Peruvian cuisine?

Peruvian cuisine is a magnificent combination of Spanish cuisine with traditional native Peruvian ingredients, with later influences from the cuisines of China, Italy, France, West Africa and Japan, due to the arrival of immigrants from those locations

The Peruvian cuisine is delicious and reflects the nation’s diverse cultural history. Like many other expressions of Peruvian culture, the food dates back to pre-Inca times but also reflects the tastes of migrant populations.

Where did it originate?


The Inca had a group of chefs assigned to cook for him, his extended families and guests. During this period the food consisted largely of maize, potatoes, squash and animal products from llama, deer and nunuma birds. The Incas enjoyed fruits indigenous to South America such as bananas, papayas, avocados and pineapples. Seafood was popular in coastal regions where the wide variety of fish found in the Peruvian ocean allowed fishing to prosper. Even then, the cuisine was vast and exotic. ‘Aji’ was the most popular seasoning and you’ll find it in much Peruvian cuisine today.

Influences from abroad

Immigrants from Europe added meats such as beef, poultry and rabbit. The Spanish brought grapes, olives and a variety of new fruits and vegetables as well as sugar cane which gave rise to a variety of desserts.

After the Peruvian independence from Spain, the cuisine became influenced by the 19th century immigration of Chinese people. The born of peruvian food is known also as Peruvian Creole food.

Peruvian cuisine today

pisco_sourIn the kitchens and cafes of the food-crazed Peruvian capital, history is divided into two epochs: Before Gastón and After Gastón, who is a well known Peruvian chef and famous overseas who has achieved to own around 50 restaurants in different countries in Latin America, America and Europe. Thanks to this entrepreneur chef, Peruvian food now is remarkable well know in top restaurants worldwide getting the Michelin stars.

Gastón Acurio opened his first restaurant in 1994, and began remaking gritty Lima into the most famous culinary capital of South America.

Peruvian cuisine tours

We have established a connection of reputable culinary venues which you can enjoy on a variety of Lima food tours.

Also you will be able to interact with local chefs with Peruvian cooking classes, or having an adventure in learning preparing a Peruvian dish at the local Lima restaurant.

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