May & June Travel News

May & June Travel News

We want you to be prepared for your travels this summer, so here are a few things to note as you tackle your wanderlust.

Cinque Terre restrictions

Italy’s Cinque Terre is going to begin restricting the number of visitors in the coming years. The residents of this once hidden gem have become overwhelmed by the mass inflow of visitors, and Cinque Terre National Park could quickly become an endangered UNESCO heritage site. In order to preserve the area, only 1.5 million visitors will be allowed per summer season. You will now have to obtain a ticket ahead of time in order to be considered 1 of the lucky 1.5 million. Such tickets and passes will be available on the National Park website in the coming months. Be sure to grab a ticket as soon as you know you are visiting, because they will sell out fast! You can get more details here.

Scenic view of ocean and harbor in colorful village Vernazza
Scenic view of ocean and harbor in colorful village Vernazza

Iguazu Falls 

Great news for US citizens: Iguazu Falls no longer requires visas or an extra $160 fee for visitation June-September. Don’t miss out on just another reason to visit these jaw-dropping waterfalls.

Iguazu (Iguassu) Falls, Brazil

 Gotthard Base Tunnel

The longest tunnel in the world has just opened in Switzerland, which runs over 35 miles through the Swiss Alps. The Gotthard Base Tunnel was recently completed after 17 years of construction and over 12 billion in cost. This tunnel shortcut through the mountains is expected to cut down travel time from Milan, Italy to Zurich, Switzerland by about 1 hour. While the train will reach speeds of up to 155 mph, the AlpTransit safety board has ensured top-notch safety elements to the tunnel and quotes it as being the safest route from Milan to Zurich.

The GBT will run through the Swiss Alps, even more so than the Glacier Express (shown) which has become synonymous with luxury travel among the mountains

France Flooding & Weather Advisory

The French weather service Meteo-France has issued a red alert for the departments of Seine-et-Marne and Loiret (to the south and east of Paris) due to heavy rains and flooding. The castles Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte have been affected as well as the Seine in Paris which has also run over onto some walkways. Several Paris stops on the RER C train line servicing Versailles and other major attractions have been closed due to rising waters along the Seine. Commercial river cruises along the River Seine in Paris have been suspended until water levels are deemed safe once again. Workers at the Louvre have begun to evacuate precious and valuable art, mainly as a precaution for now.
The Seine River has begun to overflow onto the streets
TSA Lines
You’ve been hearing about it for weeks, and likely been suffering through it for years of travel but it’s all the same: TSA lines are the worst. Despite recent improvements to the organization, it is still advised that you arrive 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 for international flights. The hassle of plane travel can get to the best of us, so here are some general travel tips to help the process go smoother. 
France Soccer Championships

Please keep in mind that the UEFA Soccer Championships will be held this summer in Paris. If you are planning on traveling to France, please read our earlier article for some much-advised information.



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