How to Save More on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

How to Save More on Hotels for Your Next Vacation

As many of us have tragically learned from experience, hotels can deplete your travel budget quicker than most other vacation expense. Many of my trips are based solely on fluctuating hotel prices and I’ve had to cancel a handful of travel plans because I’d end up paying an arm and a leg on my hotel. Although some well-known online travel agencies like Priceline or Expedia offer decent deals when you book hotel and flight together, you’ve probably noticed that you end up paying more than expected or running out of options when booking last minute.

Companies like Priceline derive more than 90% of their revenues from hotel bookings by referring business to partner hotels while their airline bookings contribute to less than 2% of the total revenue. Therefore, they make it cheaper when you book flight and hotel at the same time. However, many airlines now offer lower rates and special promotions and make flight booking with online agencies less attractive.

If you look to save more on accommodations, take advantage of the following tips from Tours4fun and you’ll find deals better than Expedia or Priceline for your next stay. 

  1. Go to, select a destination

    Let’s use San Francisco as an example.


  2. Pick an activity or tour you like

    Tours4fun is able to offer best low rates by bundling hotel offer with any tour or activity. You can easily find popular activities or things to do for less than $50. We’ll use “Escape from the Rock Cruise” as an example for demonstration purpose here.


  3. See instant hotel offers after you add the activity to cart

    Next, select the date you’d like to travel. You’ll be brought to Tours4fun’s handy-dandy hotel booking web page where you can see all the instant hotel offers with special discounts. It will default the night before your activity, but you can adjust your check-in/check-out days for your preferred vacation.


  4. Compare hotel deals with special discounts

    Tours4fun’s exclusive discounts will appear next to a standard hotel rate. You can filter by price, hotel class, location and even proximity to your activity meeting point. Feel free to use the map button to get a beter view of where you’ll be staying.

  5. Add your favorite hotel to cart to see your total savings


  6. Compare your offer to other booking sites if you like

    In the example above, you can book Hotel Nikko San Francisco plus an Escape from the Rock Cruise tour for $227, or pay $232 for just one-night hotel with Priceline or Expedia.

  7. Complete the reservation and you’re done!

We’ve tested multiple cities to ensure that Tours4fun has the best deal compared to other major online travel booking sites. You can get up to 40% off if you are lucky and earn points through its Rewards4fun loyalty program.

Try it out for your next stay and your wallet will thank you. If you like our tips, please help us spread the word or sign up for Tours4fun newsletters to get more travel tips and deals straight to your inbox.


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