Get Close to Mother Nature at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Get Close to Mother Nature at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Nagsasa Cove is a one of the hidden treasures in the northern part of the Philippines. Its growing popularity has attracted plenty of campers and beach goers and its proximity to Manila makes it the ideal place for a quick and relaxing weekend getaway. It’s also the perfect spot to escape the noise of the city and get close to nature.

Bamboo and tall grasses thrive in the mountains of Nagsasa and glow into a beautiful golden brown during the hot summer days. With rows and rows of agoho trees having pine-like needles, Nagsasa will make you feel like you’re transported to a different country.


As this secluded cove is a bit farther from the mainland, it is more laid-back compared to its congested neighbor, Anawangin Cove. Hence, expect to see and experience a more serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Do take note that there’s no mobile signal in Nagsasa so while you’re here, you should make the most of your stay. Here’s how:

Take a dip


Go swimming at the cove’s clear and calm waters. Nagsasa has a picturesque landscape so while you’re enjoying the peaceful waves, you can take in the magnificent view at the same time. To make your swim more exciting, rent a surfboard and an oar and challenge yourself with stand-up paddle boarding.

Watch the sunset


Nagsasa has a very beautiful sunset, one you shouldn’t miss! After a day of swimming, you can sit comfortably by the shore and watch the sun and its dazzling rays.  Take advantage of the view as it makes for pretty fantastic photos and don’t forget to bring out your camera! More importantly, be present and just enjoy the moment.

Go trekking


Not a morning person? Well, now is the time to be one. Wake up early and trek up the hill at the end of the shoreline. You can ask a local to guide you and your friends. The area up the hill is a peaceful spot and offers you a breathtaking panoramic view of Nagsasa Cove — a long stretch of beach with ash-gray sand, the agoho trees, the golden mountains, and the tranquil waters. Isn’t that worth the trek? 

Talk to the locals


One way to get to know more about Nagsasa is to chat with the locals – many of them are Aetas. As the mountains were denuded by the eruption of a volcano named Mt. Pinatubo, many of the Aeta families chose the Nagsasa Valley as their new home and also, to start new livelihoods. There are Aetas who made bamboo handicrafts which are sold as souvenirs to tourists. Some work as piece-rate reforestation laborers and a few others fish for a living.

Make a bonfire and watch the stars at night

At night, you can build a bonfire, toast marshmallows and have conversations with friends, sing songs or share stories. After all the fun and entertainment, lie down, listen to the cool breeze and gaze at the starry sky. If it’s not too cold outside, you can sleep under the stars.

Nagsasa Cove may not have the amenities of a typical beach resort setting but it’s the perfect place for you to appreciate nature.  Go there to recharge, take a leisurely nap, relax, and just marvel at the beauty of the place. No phones ringing and no browsing or checking online – it’s just you and nature and time moving ever so slow.


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