Top 5 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Top 5 Things to Do in Amsterdam

With its laid back atmosphere, friendly people, scenic canals, and great beer, Amsterdam is one of the most exciting, fun and adventurous cities in all of Europe and a must see on most traveler’s playbooks. If you’re looking to visit this amazing Dutch city, here are a few places and things to do while you’re there.

Try the Heineken Experience


Speaking of the Dutch beer, you have to try the Heineken Experience, which is a brewery tour of a different kind. Not only to you have the chance to witness the brewing process and take a tour of the facilities, at Heineken, you get actually get to pretend to be the beer bottle on a ride, you go through the packaging department then get delivered onto the truck!  A very unique experience, and while you are tasting Heineken products at the end of your tour, enjoy the bar/pub feel with music, friendly staff and a wonderful time for all!

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Besides great beer, Amsterdam is also home to one of the best collection of Dutch artwork, including the famous works by Van Gogh. Located right next to the Rijksmuseum, the two museums offer visitors one of the most in-depth and detailed exhibitions on the great Dutch Masters. A must for art lovers!Join a  skip-the-line tour of the Van Gogh Museum to get exclusive access to this amazing museum.

Stoll through Vondel Park


Go for a stroll in Vondel Park, Amsterdam’s most popular and largest park, named after Joost van den Vondel, the city’s most famous poet.  On sunny days, the park gets very busy with locals picnicking, flying kites, playing drums, or relaxing under a tree. It’s a beautiful park and definitely worth visiting just to see how the locals spend a weekend. Keep you eyes open for parakeets and other animals.

Take a Canal Cruise!

amsterdam canal cruise 2 (1)
As a tourist in Amsterdam you can get the most out of your trip by taking a scenic cruise through Amsterdam’s famous canals. Relaxing, enjoyable views, a true pleasure if you want to rest after a long day of sightseeing!  This is a great way to relax and see the sights at the same time!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic, candelit journey or delicious, pizza filled cruise, Amsterdam has plenty of diverse canal cruises for you to enjoy.

Hit the Clubs!


Nightlife in Amsterdam is thriving, their are pubs, bars, discotheques, nightclubs, raves- something for everyone! From dance music to hip-hop, rhythm and blues, jazz and contemporary, the Dutch and tourists alike always have a great time when the lights go down – the party always continues until the wee hours of the morning! Grab a Nightlife Pass to get free shots and admission to Amsterdam’s best clubs!

Have Fun!


Whether you are admiring the colorful tulips along the canal’s riverbanks, strolling down the streets of the Haarlemerdijk district, or tasting the local food at one of the outdoor pubs, Amsterdam is a city, which you will never want to leave!


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