Enjoying the Scenery from Boston to Niagara Falls


Departing from Boston on a Niagara Falls tour offers an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful country in America. In addition to Boston itself, a historical gem where the American Revolution began, the highways leading west from the city provide breathtaking views of the Berkshires, the wide open farms and plains of Upstate New York, and ultimately Niagara Falls itself.

Let’s start with Boston. Most Niagara Falls tours leave from South Station, home of one of the oldest subway systems in the US (modernized now) and just blocks away from Boston Harbor, Rowes Wharf, Faneuil Hall and Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. Arriving a day or two early and staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel or Mariott Long Wharf will allow you an opportunity to see all of downtown and walk the Freedom Trail, taking in sights like Old North Church and the USS Constitution if she’s in port.

On your travel adventure departure day, you’ll board your bus at South Station and head west on the Mass Pike. Look to your left as you come out of the tunnel and you’ll see the famous Green Monster of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. The once hapless franchise has now won two World Series titles since the turn of the Century and have the fans of Beantown proudly displaying their colors again.

For the next hour or so there’s really nothing of note. You’ll pass Worcester and then the land will start to spread out a bit. That blue line in front of you is the Berkshire’s, the northern reaches of the Appalachian Mountain range and barely more than hills at this point. If you happen to be there in Autumn though you might not want to leave. The colors of a New England Fall are astonishing and those who live in this part of Massachusetts are generally warm and welcoming.

After the Berkshire’s you’ll hit the New York state line and the Mass Pike will turn into the New York Thruway. You’ll be struck immediately by the beauty of the rolling hills and quaint farms and churches off to the right and left. This is where your tour will begin to feel like a Niagara Falls vacation. Depending on your route, your bus may stop in Syracuse, Albany or Buffalo. Any rest areas or bus stations in these cities will be filled with Niagara Falls brochures and information. You’ll also most likely run into other travelers heading to the same destination on other Niagara Falls tours out of New York City.

All of what was just described will happen before you even reach the majestic panorama of Niagara Falls. Prepare yourself for something unlike any sight you have seen before. The scenery on the way here from Boston was great, but Niagara Falls is absolutely awesome.


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