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Crush4Fun – is OUR definition of an "Online Crush"

Not so long ago, a travel habitué sold her bread & butter and followed her heart that longed to explore the world beyond her zone and experience diverse lifestyles. The talented, true-blue travel enthusiast – Nora Dunn, accompanied by her boyfriend Kelly, embarked on a journey of a never-ending adventure of conquering eight countries, three continents, and surviving bushfires, only to discover that their journey had just started…

Nora started putting together a personal travel blog – The Professional Hobo, to stay connected with her family and friends. But it wasn’t long until Nora’s intriguing travel stories and varied expeditions caught attention of travelers from all over the world.  Wanderlusters tune into Nora’s blog regularly to derive inspiration from The Professional Hobo herself, with the hope to fulfill their travel dreams. The Girl with “No Fixed Address” is also a Certified Financial Planner who applies her financial strategies on the road to travel responsibly and sustainably. Her passion for writing is evident as she pens down her travel adventures in a manner that is so uniquely gripping! It’s almost as if Nora’s words walk you through the destination and tempt you to visualize her fascinating travel experiences. Every piece written by Nora holds so much substance and depth that it lands up making every traveler feel enlightened!

A professional travel writer and a voracious contributor to some of the most highly regarded travel resources on the Internet; Nora has also co-authored a book that unravels the art of living to the fullest on a frugal budget – “10,001 Way To Live Large on Small Budget”.  Your dream to lead a nomadic lifestyle and break free from the rat-race of “9 to 5” begins at The Professional Hobo. Live your dream today!

We are proud to claim that Tours4Fun’s travel beliefs resonate with The Professional Hobo’s thoughts. The Tours4Fun team is high on frugal living! Our tours are all about budget travel that doesn’t break the bank. Explore our newly launched, unbelievably cost-effective vacations that allow you to travel with as little as $10! Our Budget Vacation tours include fabulous travel deals on New York tours, Washington D.C. tours, Los Angeles tours, Hawaii tours, and much more!


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