CRUSH4FUN: Exploring the Depth & Richness of Travel with ‘Velvet Escape’

Crush4Fun – is OUR definition of an "Online Crush"

Tours4Fun recently connected with a charming and talented, thirty-something travel writer from Amsterdam – Keith Jenkins. ‘Velvet Escape’, the name of Keith’s travelogue was definitely one of the factors that piqued our curiosity about Keith’s camaraderie with travel. After diving into Keith’s journeys and travel adventures, the essence of ‘Velvet Escape’ was truly incontestable!

Keith’s passion for travel has taken him around the world across 60 countries and six continents. His travels have been a fascinating medley of big cities such as New York, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong    , San Francisco, Vancouver, Sydney, and the like; a bevy of magnificent wonders like the Alps and the Andes mountains, the Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean Islands; otherworldly escapades in the jungles of Malaysia and Costa Rica, the volcanoes of Indonesia and Guatemala, the deserts of Jordan and Chile, the national parks of Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

A food lover and a wine enthusiast, travel to Keith means an opportunity to truly unwind, explore new cultures, and blend with the local people. Before the inception of his very own travel website, Keith wrote hotel reviews for Velvet Escape was born out of a desire to create a space that allows Keith to share his enchanting travel moments, his unique jaunts across the globe, and of course his Velvet Escapes.

Velvet Escape touches upon the essential elements of travel in a manner that is so eloquent, that it sparks an instant wanderlust to take a break from the routine, explore the world in style and be adventurous.  Get charmed by the richness of this quintessentially velvet website full of insightful travel ideas, travel tips, inspiring travel stories, breathtaking photos, and be a part of Keith’s Velvet Escapes.

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