CRUSH4FUN: Dare To Conquer The Globe Solo With “Solo Traveler” !

Crush4Fun - is OUR definition of an "Online Crush"
Do you have a burning desire to discover the boundless beauty that exists in this world by traveling on a path that is led by no one else… but you? Experience the sheer pleasure in feeling liberated that comes with enjoying every bit of your own company and the process of self-discovery as you discern new surroundings? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then I’m sure you’ll nod with agreement when I say that the excitement and liberty in exploring a destination in your own way, on your own time schedule and traveling on the routes that are defined by you, is simply unparalleled.
Although the thought of independent travel seems enticing, it could be intimidating if it’s your first solo traveling experience. But when you are armed with an online guidebook like Solo Traveler, which enlightens you with everything that you need to know about traveling on your own, being daunted about your solo journey is the last thing that you’ll have on your mind. The publisher of this ingenious blog- Janice Waugh, who is better known as a serial entrepreneur, is also a co-founder of the Global Bloggers Network, a renowned online resource for bloggers.
Janice’s blog truly serves as the enchiridion on solo travel for all the vagabonds who want to satisfy their wanderlust by traveling on their own terms. Her valuable solo travel safety tips & advice on how to travel alone; perceptive insights about managing your travel budget, assimilating into a new culture, solo dining in various destinations across the world; and her engrossing travel stories inspired by her own travel experiences around the globe, would tempt any wanderluster to take the plunge and bear the title of the "Solo Traveler".
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