CRUSH4FUN: “Wanderlust & Lipstick” The Ultimate Destination for Women’s Travel

 Crush4Fun - is OUR definition of an "Online Crush"

Beth Whitman’s first encounter with travel was when she was twenty years old, eager to discover the world beyond the boundaries of her hometown - New Jersey. She embarked on a three month road trip around U.S. that involved staying in youth hostels and connecting with people from all over the world. Her first encounter with travel left her so exhilarated that she couldn’t wait to venture out again and explore the diverse treasures of the world that were waiting to be unraveled. It wasn’t long until Beth evolved as a "contemporary wanderer" who traversed hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe and combined her love for travel, adventure, volunteer work, and travel writing into one inspirational amalgamation that has brought about a valuable contribution to the world of travel. Beth arranged travel-related workshops for 15 years to enhance the passion for travel among people, inspire them to travel for a cause and impart words of wisdom derived from the first-hand experiences of wanderlusters “who’ve been there and done that”!  She started her own publishing company (Dispatch Travels) and began writing the Wanderlust and Lipstick guidebooks for women. Some of her adventure-packed travel experiences, to name a few, include backpacking through Nepal and hiking the Himalayan foothills, riding her motorcycle solo for 7000 miles from Seattle to Panama, driving to from Paris to Geneva in a rental car, and being involved in various volunteer programs to uplift the lives of orphans in Vietnam. Beth is the editor of, the women’s travel columnist for Transitions Abroad and is also an occasional contributor to the popular travel webzine Perceptive Travel by Tim Leffel.

Wanderlust and Lipstick is stocked with spellbinding travel stories from all over the globe from an adventurous and ever-increasing group of WanderBloggers, travel tips from experienced globetrotters, useful travel gear, and breathtaking photos in WanderGallery that will definitely rekindle your wanderlust.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced wanderluster, you will find all the tools to plan your dream journey to any destination on Wanderlust and Lipstick. If you want to experience the colorful diversity of India and conquer the Kingdom of the Himalayas - Bhutan, then join a WanderTour arranged by Beth exclusively for women travelers. WanderTour promises to offer an unforgettable experience of the destination through its people, culture, history and natural environment.

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