Congratulations to Dave & Deb, “Our Favorite Piece of Travel Gear” Winners!

Tours4fun would like to congratulate Dave & Deb from the Planet D for recommending their favorite piece of travel gear. They were the lucky winners of a $250 gift certificate, which can be applied to any Tours4fun tour!

Dave & Deb recommend the Belkin Mini Surge Protector:

“In today’s world, travelers are carrying more electronics than ever. From digital cameras to iPods, cell phones and computers you can never have enough outlets. The Belkin Mini Surge not only charges multiple electronics at once, it also has 2 USB Outlets to charge your iPhone or any other USB powered devices.

Plus, it keeps your electronics safe from power surges. Carrying thousands of dollars of equipment can be very nerve wracking and it would be terrible to have your computer’s hard drive fried from an electrical surge because of bad wiring. The Mini Surge protector keeps our mind at ease.

Besides, sometimes when we are in the common room with the need to plug in several items, we don’t feel guilty because we are only taking up one plug. We can have everything charging while allowing other travelers to get their business done as well.”

Listen to the audio version of their tip here.

There were many great entries for this edition of our Blueprint.  Check out all of the unique and insightful travel gear ideas here:

Also, keep your eyes open for our next Blueprint series. Until then, we hope you got some good travel gear ideas from our contributors for your next trip, happy travels!



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