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Niagara Falls is one of North America’s most breathtaking natural wonders and is visited by millions of people every year. The three collective falls straddle the border between the United States and Canada. The largest of the three – Horseshoe Falls – is located in Canada. American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are situated in the United States. Some believe that a small portion of American Falls are in Canada.

July 4 is only a few weeks away! How are you planning on spending the holiday weekend? It’s a great time to soak in the summer rays and enjoy a new place. As always, there are many 4th of July sales on vacations out there. Why not celebrate Independence Day where it all started–the East Coast! You can get in touch with America’s heritage at any of the five East Coast locations below for a great vacation!

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 The three day weekend is coming up shortly, and it’s a great opportunity to take some time off to explore a new part of the United States. You can take a trip to discover the natural wonders of this country!  Look below for five great places to spend your Memorial Day weekend outdoors!

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With the ringing of a new year, comes the excitement of a new social agenda.  New York City has always been a place of jet-setting activities and fast-paced lifestyles.  Many travelers, locally and internationally, are intrigued by the thought of engaging in a city of wealth, high style and class.  Faced with the monotony of daily life, many travelers are looking for out-of-the-box ways to spice up their lives., Locals have long believed that New York City is the best destination in the United States, and it appears as if people in the rest of the country are catching on. Think outside of the city!

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