Captivating Coron: A Slice of Heaven on Earth

Captivating Coron: A Slice of Heaven on Earth

Splendid, heavenly and picturesque, Coron has been a go-to destination for both local and foreign tourists. From world-class diving sites, turquoise waters to white sand beaches and sky-high limestone cliffs,  Coron’s mind-blowing setting is enough to make you return to this place.

What’s even more fascinating about Coron is the karst landscape. Once you start your island hopping adventure, the first thing you’ll notice is the sight of the primordial towers that dominate the seas.  Just the mere view of the karst surrounded by aquamarine waters will take your breath away.  But there’s more to Coron than meets the eye. It also provides fun activities and other exciting adventures for you and your friends and family.

Mount Tapyas


Standing at 210 meters above sea level, Mt. Tapyas provides a fantastic bird’s eye view of the entire Coron town.With the large cross and the Coron sign at the peak, you can easily locate this spot from below. The trail leading up to the peak is accessible on foot as it is paved and  has handrails. You also need to take 724 steps to get to the top. Exhausting as it may sound, the view from the summit is one you should anticipate especially during the sunset. You wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.


Maquinit Hot Springs

Considered as one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world, Maquinit hot spring is at the southern coast of Busuanga island and would take you 30 minutes by tricycle to get there. After a strenuous trek to the summit of Mt. Tapyas, it is best to relax at Maquinit hot spring. Soak in the water, look up at the skies and let the warmth wash away the pain and fatigue caused by the challenging trek.

Siete Pecados


The term Siete Pecados means the Seven Deadly Sins in Spanish which is a rather menacing name of a marine park. Legend has it that seven daughters went for a swim against their mother’s wishes and drowned, and seven small islands sprouted from the sea afterwards. Now the place is considered as one of the best snorkeling spots in Coron. Go deep and you’ll feel like you’re in a giant aquarium as the waters are teeming with marine life. You can find fishes of various species, colorful corals and other sea creatures like small squids.

Twin Lagoons

A wide stretch of clear, blue water surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs, the twin lagoons should be in your priority list when visiting Coron. The lagoons are separated by a massive limestone wall and the only way to go from one lagoon to the other is to swim through the narrow passage or climb the wooden stairs. The second lagoon is a sight to see! This is because the area is secluded and the place is quiet which adds an enchanting feel to the waters.

Kayangan Lake


Dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines, Kayangan Lake stands high and mighty with its view of the limestone peaks that peek out of the bright turquoise waters. After a 150-step hike to the vista point, you’ll be amazed at the picture perfect view of Kayangan Lake. The pathway might be a bit tricky but getting to the top is simply rewarding. Now it will also take another 150 steps to get down to the lake. Just be sure to make Kayangan lake as your first destination for the day so you can take your time in exploring the area and go for a lengthy swim.

Barracuda Lake

Commonly called as the craziest dive site in the Philippines, Barracuda lake got its name from a large barracuda skeleton found deep in the water. Barracuda lake has brackish water but as you swim deeper, the water temperature rises. Go for a 25m climb over a jagged rocky wall and up a well-constructed wooden ladder to reach the lake. Now if you don’t like swimming and just want to bask in the sun, you can relax at one of the wooden benches situated right beside the lake. 

Calauit Island


Itching to go on a safari experience? You need not travel to South Africa as Coron offers one for you. Enjoy a local version of a great African adventure in Calauit Island, one of the Calamian group of Islands in the northwestern coast of Palawan. This island is a sanctuary for endemic and endangered Palawan and African wildlife. The area covers a 3,700 hectare habitat for impalas, zebras and giraffes that blend well with Calamian deer, mouse deer, peacocks, and bearcats. You will also encounter elands, waterbucks, gazelles, giraffes, and bushbucks.

Coron is definitely the ideal vacation destination for divers, beach bums, and backpackers. Once you’ve visited the place, you really won’t have second thoughts about going back. Deciding will be a breeze! Coron will leave you begging for more exciting adventures. What’s not to love?




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