Argentina: Get to Know the Gem of South America

Argentina: Get to Know the Gem of South America

The home of Tango, colorful culture, the Andes, and all kinds of magical landscapes, Argentina is a large expanse of vibrant, magical places and things to experience. From the great glaciers of Patagonia to the roaring cascades of Iguazu Falls, there’s a lot to see when you travel to Argentina. We’ve put together a short and simple Argentina travel guide to help you map out the all the famous Argentina tourist attractions and make the most of your big trip to Argentina.

A Few Tips

Getting there

Travelling to Argentina is fairly straight-forward. Plenty or airlines provide flights to various locations, from the international airport close to the capital, Buenos Ares, depending on where you would like to begin your journey. Cruise ships also operate from places like Fort Lauterdale, Florida, with multi-day trips that include ports in South America, and bus trips are also a popular option due to the number of bus terminals in most cities and tourist destinations.

The best times to go…

As with any place, different areas flourish at different times of the year, so the more organised you are, the better. June to August is a ski season when the North is at its best. A lot of resorts are closed and the summer crowds dwindled, but the beauty of the culture and landscape remains, and ski-resorts down south are bustling.

The best times to see the capital are from March to May, and September through November. Temperatures here are mild and enjoyable, and seasonal changes give a constantly morphing atmosphere.

November through March and July is when Patagonia really comes to life and people head out to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful resorts.

Argentina tour companies provide scenic city packages and day trips all throughout the year, offering adventures for every season.

Getting around

Being the eighth biggest country in the world, Argentina has lots to explore. There are a few travel options, including buses, taxis, and flights, as there are airports in the major cities of Bariloche, Ushuaia, Puerto Iguazu,  El Calafate and Mendoza; but our recommendation is to take an Argentina tour package, and make your travel time an adventure too!

Domestic flights are a popular cross-country option. During high season, we recommend booking tickets in advance or investing in a South Pass if you’ve got some serious stops to cover (this can be expensive depending on your needs), but you can also book them along the way, with most bus companies stopping at major ports like Retiro, in Buenos Aires, and other popular holiday spots, including Bariloche.

If you’re travels are taking you up and down the country, there’s also plenty of domestic flights, and if you’re flying into Buenos Aires, you can get a flight to most major cities and popular tourist destinations.

Taxis are also quite popular, with pre-booked and spontaneous cabs available. Make sure you’re careful about your options and that the drivers use the metres though.

Trains really aren’t the way to go in Argentina. Due to a lack of government funding, the rail system here has deteriorated.

Things to know:

Due to the fall of the peso, the ‘blue dollar has emerged, and so you can currently exchange at official and unofficial traders at different rates. We stress that you should be careful with money in any place, especially here, as cash is a main exchange, though you can also use your ATM cards in some places.

Manners and politeness are massive here. Everyone will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, but they do expect the same courtesy in return. A simple please and thank you is kind, but if you want to really wrap your head around the lingo, download a language app, and learn some phrases!

Buenos Aires


Obviously Buenos Aires is a must see! We recommend spending at least a four day Buenos Aires City Package here to truly get a taste for the city. There is a seven line subway, and plenty of buses to take you around this brilliant city, filled with a myriad cultural influences from a long history of immigration, there is loads to see and do all through the day and night, no matter where you are.

Places of note include San Telmo Flee Market, in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the area, Fería De Mataderos for a complete cultural experience, and the spooky but intriguing Recoleta Cemetary. Palermo is also a very popular spot. It exists as subdivided sections with botanical gardens, Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA), restaurants, boutique stores, and thriving nightlife.

One of the best places to visit here is LaBoca. Bright, energetic and vibrant, even the housing is colorful. You can see tango performances in the street, a fascinating street museum in the rainbow hued Caminito, and of course, the famous football stadium La Bombonera.

Iguazu Falls


One of the most beautiful places in Argentina, and even possibly the world, Iguazu Falls cannot be missed. Combining with incredible jungle flora and fauna to make a beautiful national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the falls are split into Brazilian and Argentinian sections, both breathtaking in their own ways, making up the largest water system in the world.

Over a million tourists stop here every year to admire the natural spectacle, making it one of the top Argentina tourist attractions, and there are numerous Iguazu tours available that allow you to experience both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides of the beautiful falls (but don’t forget to bring a VISA).You’ll have to catch a flight from Buenos Aires or cross the border from Brazil, but you can easily stay in Puerto Iguazú over night at hostels, local hotels, and luxury resorts.



Known worldwide for its delicious wine and beautiful vineyards, Mendoza is also an adventurer’s paradise. The weather is perfect for treks and hiking, white-water rafting on the picturesque river, and even a zip line! Or if you’re just looking for to vacation in Mendoza you can enjoy wonderful wine tours and relaxing spa trips.



Patagonia is one of the most ethereal and beautiful places in the world. Unless you’ve got loads of time, we recommend catching a flight. Different airlines from both Chile and Argentina offer flights to the area, but it’s best to book well in advance, as they book out very quickly.

Here, you can experience everything your heart desires. See over half a million penguins in Punta Tombo, enjoy horse-riding to the pretty valley of Río de las Vueltas, or explore the glaciers of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

Major destinations include Torres del Paine National Park, where you can come across all different types of South American wildlife, Puerto Natales, a quiet but vibrant small town, and the wonderful El Calafate and El Chaltén. Patagonia is steeped in natural beauty, and sure to impress, regardless of whether you intend to hike and adventure in , or just soak in the views. With so many destinations and regions, there are plenty of Patagonia tours to choose from,m from whale watching to hiking along the Andes.

El Calafate


Located in central Patagonia, El Calafate, is home to some of the regions most breathtaking sights. Nimez Lagoon has a myriad of birds and wildlife, and Los Glaciares National Park. But the real treat is the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the world’s only advancie glaciers where you can see great chunks break off and form icebergs in Argentino Lake, a once in a lifetime experience.

Puerto Madryn

puerto madryn

Puerto Madryn is another stunning must see on your Argentinian journey. Tourism here has soared, with the development of a shopping mall and other attractions, but its biggest draw is that it is the closest town to the  Peninsula Valdes, a beautiful coastline filled with magical sights, perfect for whale watching or penguin visits.



Bariloche is part of one of the most popular destinations in the whole country with over one million tourists a year, the Lake District. Known for its incredible beauty, and vast array of seasonal activities that keep the tourists coming back for more, you can explore Nahuel Huapi National Park, or take on the Seven Lakes Route and totally immerse yourself in the magic of mother nature.

Bring out your inner dinosaur nerd at the Paleontology Museum, where you can see life-sized dinosaur exhibits on a three-hour guided tour of a fossil covered natural walkway. You can also take on the Dinosaur route, an immersive walk that will take you back through history to the very places scientists believe dinosaurs once walked the planet.

If discovery and adventure is off the cards for you, there are also plenty of places to soak up the natural beauty on beaches and in coastal villages, like Camarones, or the cozy ranches of Los Antiguos.

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