April 22nd, 2013

Step into the Movies with Tours in New York, London and Los Angeles

When you travel this spring, you can take a trip into your favorite movie by taking a walking or chauffeur-driven tour of New York, London or Los Angeles. Whether you‘re a fan of gangster movies, comic books, wizards or just celebrities, each of these cities has a tour to fulfill your greatest fantasies. Keep reading below for just a few of the ways you can follow in the footsteps of pop culture!
New York Tours
1.      The New York Gangster Chauffeur Driven Tour

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April 19th

Survey's In: Americans Desire to Travel in 2013

Last week, Travel Leaders Group asked Americans all across the country if they would spend some or all of their tax refund on travel expenditures. 43.8% of those polled answered affirmatively, while 56.2% said “No.” The survey results also reveal that over 94% respondents have taken or plan to take at least one leisure trip in 2013.
Leisure Travel Tours

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April 17th

Bring the Kids to Yellowstone to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is almost upon us! This year, Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22 in support of environmental protection. What better place to celebrate Earth Day than the oldest National Park? That’s right, we’re talking about Yellowstone! In celebration of the holiday, West Yellowstone will hold a variety of events to promote environmental education. Be sure to take the kids on Yellowstone tours next week to catch some of the events below!  

Yellowstone tours

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April 16th

4 Areas to Explore Around Coachella

Are you visiting California this week for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival? This year’s line-up includes popular artists such as The Stone Roses, The Postal Service, Tegan and Sara and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you’re attending any of the three sessions, you may want to do some additional sightseeing during your stay in the Golden State. Read below for the top four destination areas nearby Indio and some suggestions for things to do while you wait for Coachella to start up again!
Disneyland Tours
1.   Los Angeles

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April 11th

Top 5 National Parks to Visit

The coming of spring means fair weather; blue skies and warm temperatures. Spring is the perfect time to spend some time outdoors. In order to celebrate Earth Day next week, why not visit some of America’s most favorite National Parks? During National Park Week, park entrance fees will be waived in all parks to encourage you to visit. Perhaps you can even make a camping adventure out of your trip! Keep reading below for a list of parks to visit this spring!
Adventure Tours

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April 5th

Top 6 Florida Family Vacation Ideas

Disney World Vacation

Florida is packed with enough activities and sights to keep adults and kids of all ages entertained for well over a week. Science enthusiasts will love Epcot Center and the Kennedy Space Center. Nature lovers should check out the Everglades, Animal Kingdom, and Sea World. And if the famous Florida sunshine gets to be a little too much, hit up a water park and cool down for the day.

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April 2nd

What’s New in April: LV Night Tours, NY Desserts, Pub Crawls, and More!

New York Tours

April’s here and Tours4Fun is excited to unveil dozens of new tours that will satisfy all the cupcake lovers, outdoor adventurers, and pub crawlers out there – plus many more types of travel lovers.

New York Dessert Tours
Cupcake Tour

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March 28th

Get Outside! Top 6 Nature Tours

Nature Tours

Winter is over, the days are getting longer, and everyone is clamoring outside to soak up some sunshine. Make the most of Spring and Summer by experiencing some (or all!) of the top six nature tours.

1) Camping in America’s National Parks:
Camping Tour

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March 27th

DEAL: Up to $50 Off Your Yellowstone Vacation Package – the Earlier You Book, the More You Save

Mt. Rushmore

U.S. landmarks that always make tourist’s top ten must-see lists invariably include the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Mt. Rushmore, and Old Faithful. Why not set a goal this summer to cross four of the top ten U.S. landmarks off your list? Tours4Fun is offering $50 off for all travelers booking six months in advance. Not able to plan that far ahead? Book four to six months in advance and you’ll still receive $35 off your Yellowstone vacation package. And for any spontaneous travelers out there, you can still pocket $20 in savings if you book at least two months in advance.

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March 22nd

Best Beach Vacations: Top 8 Water Activities

Beach Vacation

Sure, the allure of vacationing at tropical beach destinations is to relax on the sand with warm water lapping at your feet. But to take your vacation to a higher level, mix and match a few of the water activities below for an experience you'll never forget. Some are meant for adrenaline-seeking adventurers, others are perfect for igniting romance, and some make perfect family activities. All of them provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can’t get at home.

Snorkeling Tour

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