November 25th, 2013

5 Things Florida has to be Thankful for

As Thanksgiving approaches, and the cooler weather begins to settle in over much of the US, it makes sense to consider what the warmer places in the US have to be thankful for this time of year - besides of course the fact that it's not snowing where they are! So let's go to Florida, with its fantastic climate, and multitude of attractions - and consider what Floridians have to be thankful for.
Disney Store
5. Walt Disney World

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November 21st

The Story Behind the Los Angeles Aqueduct

View of Hollywood and Los Angeles from Griffith Park
This 5th of November marked the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct.  Why is this something worth celebrating, you might ask?  Well, were it not for this marvel of engineering, Los Angeles as we know it today would be very different-- maybe it wouldn’t even exist anymore!


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October 16th

October 14th

Witches - in America?

Founded in 1626, Salem is one of America's oldest and most historically significant towns. As well as being the official home of the US National Guard, and the best place to shop in Massachusetts, Salem is the home of the darkest and most unusual periods in US history. Hallowe'en is the perfect time to take a day trip to Salem!
Salem Witch House

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October 11th

A Day in the Life of a Grand Canyon Tour Leader

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel, a tour guide for our Grand Canyon camping tours. I would love to tell you how much she loves her work, for her to be able to take customers on a journey of the southwestern United States, but her first hand narrative speaks for itself.  These tour guides absolutely love what they do and transcend that feeling into the experience of the customers. Whether guests are first time campers or life-long adventurers, you will not be disappointed by the sights, the company, and the service.
A Day in the Life of a Grand Canyon Tour Leader

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October 8th

Change of Seasons in Toronto

One of the great things about a 4-season city is that you get to enjoy the transition from one to the other - case in point, Toronto in the Fall. After summer temperatures that rival those of the hottest cities in North America, Toronto and surrounding area is blessed by a gentle and gradual transition into Winter, with a Fall season that is spectacular to witness.

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September 30th

September 18th

Top 10 Things to See on a Budget (Or for FREE!) In Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas! Famously known as "Sin City", the Las Vegas Strip is a 4.2-mile (6.8 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard located in the desert state of Nevada. The first casino to be built on what is currently the Strip was the El Rancho Vegas that opened in April 3, 1941. That casino stood for about 20 years before being destroyed by a fire in 1960. Its success initiated a second hotel, Last Frontier in 1942, on what would become the Strip. Now, the strip is home to various luxury resort hotels and budget hotels that offer extensive gaming and entertainment that cater to any individual.

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July 8th

Top 10 Most Visited Theme Parks in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

What theme park does your family plan on visiting this summer? Based on last year's data, the three most popular theme parks are The Magic Kingdom in Disney World, Disneyland, and Epcot also in Disney World. Those looking for theme park tickets can find the very best deals at Tours4Fun. We created an infographic based on data from Burbank-based Themed Entertainment Association and Los Angeles-based AECOM.

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July 5th

Spotlight Friday: Lake Tahoe in California & Nevada

Welcome back from your July 4th festivities! If you’re still out there enjoying the long weekend, awesome! If not, today is just another day to plan the perfect vacation when you can take some time off! Today for Spotlight Friday we’ll be covering a popular summer (and winter!) destination spot in Nevada—Lake Tahoe! It’s not quite a National Park, but it is a state park of Nevada!
Lake Tahoe Tours

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