March 4th, 2014

Los Angeles- for Wellness and Relaxation

Los Angeles vacations are often thought of as being a wild and exciting party adventure. Though this is true in a lot of cases, LA can also be a rest haven for those looking for time to relax, relate and release.
In a city filled with beautiful people, looking and feeling your best is a top priority. A lot of the biggest wealth and fitness trends have started here in Los Angeles, so make the most of your visit by joining the rest of the happy health nuts.
Day 1-

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February 17th

2014 Spring Vacation Hotspots

It might not feel like it, but winter is almost over. In case you don’t have it marked down on your calendar yet, the first day of spring is Thursday, March, 20.
Celebrate the emergence of warm weather and sunshine by taking a spring vacation in these hotspots that will make you forget all about your polar vortex experience.

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February 7th

Winter Olympics 2014

This weekend’s opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia will welcome 2,871 of the best athletes from around the world. While most of us can only daydream about what it feels like to be on the podium accepting a gold medal, there’s fun ways to get in on the action that will make any ordinary Joe feel like a world-class athlete in the making.


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January 27th

Très Romantique : our Fabulous Valentine's Day Getaway Ideas!

Whereas the precise origins of Valentine's Day have been lost to the mists of time, it has been held as the celebration of romantic love in many countries worldwide for centuries. And what could be a better opportunity to take a romantic trip with the one closest to your heart but on this, perhaps the most whimsical, wonderful, non-official holiday anywhere?

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January 17th

Make the Most of MLK Weekend

 While I’m sure most of us are excited about the first long weekend of the year, it’s easy to overlook the importance and true meaning of Martin Luther King Day.

The legacy of Dr. King is rooted around his will and determination to gain equal rights for all citizens of the United States. A lot has changed since the era of the civil rights movement, but it is important to commemorate the sacrifices made by all the brave men and women that were active and instrumental in changing the world.

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January 10th

Fall in Love with the REAL Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a town for dreamers. There’s no coincidence that Hollywood calls this enchanted city home, and why millions flock each year to visit for a chance to experience the charm first hand. This land of perpetual sunshine can seem unreal at times, often attracting criticism for its façade like appearance. But Los Angeles, like every place else in the world, is real.

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December 27th, 2013

2014- The Year of Realistic Resolutions

 In less than a week we’ll be counting down the seconds to ring in the New Year, which is usually about the time that most of us are reflecting on the past year and setting new resolutions for the one ahead.
Whatever your goals are for next year, resolve to make this upcoming year your best yet. Plan to go places you’ve never been before, do things you never thought you could and most important of all, commit to making unforgettable memories for yourself and your loved ones.

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December 17th

America’s Best Beaches of 2013

As we prepare to drop the curtain on 2013, our newsfeeds are constantly inundated with Top 10 Lists of any and everything imaginable, but finally there’s a countdown that will have you jotting down ideas for your next vacation destination.
A man going by the moniker, Dr. Beach, has the enviable gig of traveling the country throughout the year to conduct scientific tests on beach quality. His various tests include measuring 50 factors that range from sand softness, water temperature, over crowdedness and the presence of trash and litter.

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December 9th

Winter Got You Down? Have Some Hawaii!


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December 2nd

America’s Best Pizza

Last week, The Daily Meal released a list of America’s 101 Best Pizzas. As you would expect, the article acknowledges the challenge of ranking pizza, because seriously, it’s a never ending argument. Who wins in the New York thin crust or Chicago deep dish battle? Is there a best between brick oven Neapolitan and baked Sicilian style? No matter their preference, true pizza connoisseurs can all agree that there is no one way to create an amazing slice (or square!) of pizza.

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