May 17th, 2013

East Coast Cities to Explore this Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here! Did you know that Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day and originated after the American Civil War to commemorate both the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. Today, the holiday has been extended to honor all Americans who have perished in all wars. It is also the start of the summer season!
Memorial Day Tours

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May 15th

Five Places to Camp & Hike in the Southwest this Summer!

What’s a great way to get out this summer? Go camping! Camping is a great way to push your boundaries, get in tune with nature and escape the routine of ordinary life. Often it is a more budget-friendly vacation option as you don’t pay for lodging. One can experience great peace and solitude by sitting around a campfire and gazing up at the stars above. Such an experience reminds one of the marvels of the Earth. Camping can restore your body, set your mind at peace and restore your spirit. And best of all, you are already in the terrain so you can get more hiking in! Below are five great places to go camping in the Southwest this summer!

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May 13th

Celebrate Victoria Day Weekend at Niagara Falls!

 What’s the best place to celebrate Victoria Day? Niagara Falls, of course!  Book your Niagra Falls tours today to secure your place at the falls for Victoria Day Weekend!
Niagara Falls Tours

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May 9th

Explore New York Through Food Tours!

Many would argue that the best part of visiting a new place is eating its cuisine. You can tell a lot about a country or city from sampling the different flavors of its food. With the popularity of celebrity chefs and cooking competition reality TV shows, many people are making reservations at restaurants in order to experience a destination by dining. "It's kind of the greatest way to explore a country, going from market to market, from restaurant to restaurant," said Tanya Steel, editor in chief of, an online food publication that began developing original content related to the topic of food and travel in 2005. 

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May 8th

Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

When you’re traveling abroad, even the best made plans can go awry. You can benefit from following simple pieces of advice to make your vacation relaxing, safe and enjoyable. Read below for three tips on how to prepare before you even step foot in a foreign country. While you’re sipping on drinks with the guides of our European tour packages, you won’t need to worry since you’re already prepared!
Travel Tips

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May 6th

Five Ways to Explore the Grand Canyon!

Wondering where in the country to go during the spring or summer break? How about the majestic Grand Canyon? As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the 10 mile wide canyon is a sight to behold, with steep, rocky walls. It is one of the largest canyons in world at 277 miles long. The Colorado River snakes through the canyon, more than a mile away from the highest cliffs. The South Rim is the most accessible side of the Grand Canyon. There are many different ways to explore this Natural Wonder during your visit. Read below for a list of Grand Canyon tours and activities to start planning your trip today!

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May 2nd

Celebrate Mother's Day with Tours Across the Country!

Have you told your mom how much you love her lately? Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12 and the holiday is all about expressing gratitude to your mother and celebrating her role in your life. What better way to reward you mom than a food, wine or shopping trip? You can travel as a family to Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and experience each city through a tour! Below are five ways to tour and travel with your Mom next week!
New York Tours

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May 1st

Unique Summer Europe Vacations

It’s May Day and you know what that means: summer is only a few months away!  Are you planning on taking a break from work and trek through Europe? Now with Tours4Fun, this fantasy can become a reality! We have some amazing travel deals available that make exploring the continent’s countries possible in a small amount of time. Adults will love the Europe tour packages available; especially the opportunities to explore new areas of Europe. If you’re looking for unique summer destinations in Europe for your short vacation, check out the three tours below!

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April 30th

May the 4th Be with You at Disney World & Disneyland!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a famous piece of pop culture took place: Star Wars. In just a short time from now (this weekend!), in a galaxy not so far away, Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Land Resort will throw a celebration for one of the greatest sags in science fiction history!
Orlando Tours

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April 26th

Los Angeles Drinks to Boston this Saturday!

If you live on the West Coast, no doubt you felt helpless in the wake of the events that transpired last week during the Boston Marathon.  This weekend, Los Angeles is doing its part to help out Boston in an event called LA Drinks to Boston. Proceeds will be donated to One Fund Boston.
Los Angeles Tours 

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