8 Travel Companion Apps [Because that paper map won’t cut it]

8 Travel Companion Apps [Because that paper map won’t cut it]

Let’s face it, sometimes when we travel we need a little help with logistics (they can sure be a pain). And then other times, we wish we had some nifty tools to help us take full advantage of our travel experiences and properly capture the moments. Here are 8 travel apps that will help you in any sticky situation or with capturing your travel experiences.

1) WiFi Map


Keeping a data connection when abroad can easily strain your finances when abroad and leak your battery power, so ditch that anchor and stick to good old free WiFi. WiFi Map shows you all the nearby public WiFi networks AND provides passwords for them. You won’t be accessing anyone’s private account, ruining your hacker dreams, but it can save you in a bind when you desperately need to access Google Maps. The app comes in Free and Pro Version (USD 4.99) that gives you offline access and shows you more remote locations.

2) SitOrSquat


Produced by Charmin, SitOrSquat is a unique but invaluable app that maps out public restrooms all around the world and allows users to review whether they’re good (Sit) or bad (Squat). Though most reviews are for North America and Europe, the map is growing as more users post bathrooms and leave reviews. The app can also filter out restrooms by whether they’re free, currently open, handicap accessible, and more. If you’re going on a long road trip and need a place to stop or are a bit picky about your bathroom choices (we all are), then this app is perfect for you.

3) Smart Traveler


Though mostly geared to US Travelers, Smart Traveler gives users access to the US State Department’s database on official country information, US embassy locations, maps, and travel warnings. If you’re traveling for business or please to a new region and are not sure how safe your trip is, Smart Traveler can provide you with the most update to date information.

For U.S. citizens and nationals the app allow allows you to enroll in STEP, a program that allows users traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, who can tehn provide you with update to date information about visiting countries and contact you in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.

4) CityMaps2Go


We’re all about wandering and getting lost in a new city, but it’s always good to have the right tools when you get really lost, and CityMaps2Go is one of the best we’ve found. Through the GPS on your phone the app provides OFFLINE maps with in-depth information about local attractions, accommodations, restaurants and more. It lets you pre-plan a trip by saving your own personalized bucket list or you can just load it up when you land to guide you throughout your trip.

5) XE Currency


Convert any currency with this nifty tool, which will come in handy especially when you are traveling to several countries in one trip. In addition, you can access live exchange rates, view historical charts, and calculate prices. The usefulness of this app knows no bounds, and can even come in handy when you’re trying to bargain for lower prices.

6) Google Translate


We cannot recommend Google Translate enough, especially considering it can translate 103 languages! The other great thing about this app is that you don’t need to be connected to WiFi to access your saved phrases or sentences. You can pre-search and save a list of the most useful phrases you will need while traveling that you can use on the go. Google Translate allows you to copy & paste anything you want translated as well.

Another super useful aspect to this app is the fact that it uses audio to pronounce the words or phrases for you. This ensures that you don’t totally destroy another language with your accidental mispronunciation. Kidding – but there are words that tend to look the same, but the pronunciation changes the meaning entirely. Be and look prepared, and even the locals will appreciate your efforts.

7) Roadlike 


Think of Roadlike as an online travel diary: you can check-in to locations, share photos, and essentially capture your travel moments. This app allows you to capture your location even when you don’t have access to internet, and you can share videos along with your pictures. At the end of your travel day, you can look back on Roadlike’s ‘map’ to see the journey you have made. The map will display all of your check-ins, who you were with, and the photos associated with each location. Sharing your travel experience has never been so easy and so paperless.

8) Sky Scanner


Search, compare and book flights on the go the easy way with Sky Scanner. And don’t worry – hundreds of airlines are included, so you can check flights all over the world as you travel all over the world. Sky Scanner offers the same search, compare and booking features for hotels and car rentals around the world too! You can compare millions of rooms at hotels, including resorts and Airbnb rooms. You can filter by vehicle, fuel type and features when selecting a car rental. All of your search and booking needs all in one place.! So essentially if you forget to handle all of the logistical details of your trip, you can still experience a stress-free travel experience on the go.

Another similar flights resource [bonus app #9!] is Cheapflights. This site also allows for searching and comparing with flights, car rentals, and more! The best part about this brand is it now has mobile messaging to help you with your search & compare process. Check it out here.


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