8 Things You Didn’t Know About Disneyland

Magical World of Disney

While you may think you’re a true Disney enthusiasts and you know everything there is to know about Disneyland you may be surprised that the park does keep some secrets from its loyalist. It may shock you to learn about some of these facts about that park and they’ll have you paying closer attention to your surroundings the next time you visit Disneyland.

1.      Feline Frenzy – Every night, once the warn out, sunburned park visitors have left the park the Disney crew releases hundreds of feral cats into the park. These Disney cats play a very important role in the maintenance of the park and are used to control the mouse population; there are only two mice in the world the Disney and its fans like and those are Mickey and Minnie. This ‘cat patrol’ system happened by chance when hundreds of cats started making the Disneyland construction site their home in 1955. Since then Disney has been housing the cats at feeding stations during the day time and releasing them at night to roam the park.

 2.       Moustache? Disney Thinks Not. – Well not anymore. Originally though, Disney cast members and even guests of the park, where not allowed to have moustaches. The reason for the lack of facial hair was to help Disney maintain that clean, all American look and moustaches just did not go. Today, guest can have whatever facial hair they like but as far as cast members are concerned, unless they have the moustache when they’re hired or they grow one over vacation they’re still a no-go.

 3.       The Matterhorn Doubles as a Gym – What? How is that possible? You’re thinking. Well inside the top of your favorite mountain rollercoaster there is a basketball court. Although it’s not regulation size, it only had one basket; it’s still perfect for a pickup game. Next you may wonder, “Ok, but why?”. Well, since the actual roller coaster only occupies the bottom 2/3rds of the mountain, employees voted to add the court as a recreation area.  

 4.       Disneyland is Dry, So You Thought. – That’s right; you cannot purchase alcohol at Disneyland anywhere except for their very elite and exclusive Club 33. Never heard of it before or if you have you don’t know where it is? Well that’s because Disney likes to keep it that way. With approximately 500 members, Club 33 is for the elite of the elite, this includes Presidents of the United States. Want to be a member? Well be ready to wait, if you’re lucky enough to get on the list you’ll have to wait about 10 yrs and then be ready to pay $10,000 in initiation fees and than $3,500 every year after that.

 5.       Mickey Mouse is Everywhere – Seriously though, there are hidden Mickey’s all over the park. The Disney architects and engineers (or Imagineers) have included hidden Mickey’s in their designs all over the park. You can find Mickey on the dining table in the Haunted Mansion made out of a plate and saucers, among the treasures of Jack Sparrow on The Pirates of the Caribbean and tons of other places.

 6.       There’s An Actual, Livable Apartment – No, we’re not refereeing to Minnie’s house we’re talking about a real living space. Yup. Right above the Fire Station. In 1955 when construction began, Mr. Walt Disney himself asked to have an apartment built above the Fire Station near Main Street, which was the first building constructed, so that he could stay on the ground during construction. Walt would stay the night and sometimes even bring the whole family. Today if you notice, the light at the window of the apartment will always remain lit as a reminder of the great man who started the Disney Empire.

 7.       Splash Mountain, More Like Flash Mountain –In 1990’s the big trend for Disneyland visitors really was one that didn’t fall in line with the Disney ideal. It was becoming popular among female visitors to go ahead and flash the cameras that would snap their photos at the end of the Splash Mountain Ride.  It became such a problem that they had to hire staff just to monitor the cameras. Imagine that? Well, today the problem is nearly extinct and there’s no longer a need for the “special” staff.

8.       It’s All An Illusion – Well not really, the park really does exist, but once again the great Imagineers of Disneyland like to have some fun with the guests. It is quite simple to trick the eye and the architects of the park used that to their advantage.  Notice on your next visit that the bricks on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle are much larger at the bottom than they are at the top. This is to create the illusion that the building is much taller than it actually it. Also, as you walk along the brick path of Main Street also notice it is much wider where you enter the park and much narrow once you get all the way in, once again their tricking your eyes and messing with the perspective of things. Even though the Disneyland Park is already large as it is, these tricks make it seem even larger. 

So the next time you’re strolling through Disneyland, take the time to look around. With so much going on, it’s difficult to focus but noticing these little hidden secrets will connect you more with the park and you’ll enjoy the scavenger hunt.