11 Hidden Gems of Western Australia

11 Hidden Gems of Western Australia

Honestly, I cannot fathom why more people don’t talk about Western Australia. It may not have major cities like trendy Melbourne or adventurous Cairns or world-renowned Sydney, but it makes up more than a third of Australia’s land mass! Even as you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to think of anything to say about Western Australia, anything that you know about it.

Well, take a break, because most amateur and seasoned travelers don’t know about this part of Australia. And that’s why we’re here, to regale of all the glory of Western Australia. With scenic coastline, diverse outback national parks, vast gorges, and delectable wine valleys, Western Australia has something for everyone.


First things first. Meet Perth, the capital of Western Australia, 4th most populous city in the country, one of most livable cities in the world, and your new favorite Australian city. It’ll be the departure point for most road trips and tours throughout the region, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay a few days to explore it. A food capital, Perth is a culinary paradise that rivals its eastern brother Melbourne and is filled with food tours and cooking classes that’ll encourage you to settle down here just for the food.

Due to its relative isolation, major bands tend to exclude it from their tour routes, but this gap has sparked an lively music scene of local artists that spawned famous artists like Birds of Tokyo and Troye Sivan.

Swan Valley


And what goes perfectly with the food is the amazing wine produced throughout Western Australia, especially in Swan Valley. With rich soil and Swan River feeding the region fresh water, Swan Valley was one of the major reasons Captain James Stirling chose to settle this region of Australia. As a result, the area developed into a fantastic wine region of numerous fantastic vineyards. But its not just a great producer of wine, but also chocolate, honey, coffee, and cheese, giving you plenty of options on a Swan Valley day trip from Perth.

Margaret River


Down south from Perth is another enchanting wine growing region: Margaret River. Making up most of the South West Australian peninsula, Margeret river combines scenic beaches and unmatched vineyards into an amazing combination. Originally, the first vineyards here were merely experiments with different techniques, but have grown in the 50 years since then to include over 215 wine producers! A day trip from Perth to Margaret River is a must for any wine connoisseur

The Pinnacles


One of the most popular attractions in Western Australia, is The Pinnacles is one of the strangest destinations we’ve ever seen. Straight out of a sci-fi film, this wind shaped this yellow desert over millions of years, carving out the towering limestone pillars that dominate the horizon. Only two hours from Perth, this fascinating region can be reach with a day trips or vacation package to the Pinnacles, giving you a variety of routes and options when you make a trip out here.

Karijini National Park


Far north beyond The Pinnacles is the enchanting and diverse Karijini National Park, a treasure trove of gorges, waterfalls, pools, and caves. Lined with trails and dotted with campsites, this is an adventure traveler’s mecca. A bit more isolated in Western Australia, it’ll take a few days to reach from Perth,and is better visited on a Western Australia tour package from Perth or a shorter trip from Exmouth to Broome. If you just want to take a day there you can also depart from Exmouth.



While we’re on the topic, Exmouth is another shining gem of Western Australia. One of the smaller cities, this coastal paradise is another adventure traveler’s mecca, granting you access to gorgeous beaches, stunning outback national parks, and northern cities of Australia. You can enjoy it on an extended tour of Western Australia or spend a few days here to snorkel in the calm blue waters, especially if you’re looking to swim with the gentle whale sharks.

Ningaloo Reef


On the topic of whale sharks, a must for any trip to Western Australia is the gorgeous Ningaloo Marine Park, a stunning, 260km long reef. Home to 500 species of fish and 250 species of coral, the reef is highly protected with almost no human facilities within the park beside research facilities. The Marine Park composes various sub-parks and World Heritage sites, including Cape Range National Park, 21 sanctuary zones, and the North and South Murion Islands. By far the most popular activity here is swimming with whale sharks, but you can also go reef diving, hike through Cape Range National Park, join an atv tour, or just relax on the shore. You can easily enjoy the park from Exmouth, Shark Bay, and Monkey Mia.

Monkey Mia


Not far from Exmouth is another beach town that is worth a visit. Extremely popular for dolphin watching, Monkey Mia goes beyond crowded cruise boats with the chance to get right up to this playful animals right along the shore to feed them – right in knee-deep water! You don’t even need to put on a bathing suit to swim (walk?) with dolphins here! Beyond the dolphins, Monkey Mia is a great place to learn about local Aboriginal culture, go diving, and visit Western Australia’s northern reaches.

Shark Bay


Surrounding Monkey Mia is one of the most expansive World Heritage Sites in Australia and the world: Shark Bay. Located within the Coral Coast, this cherished region covers more than 2.2 million hectares and is composed of two expansive bays, divided by the peninsula where Monkey Mia resides. A mixture of desert and cool coastal climates, this unique biosphere is one of the few places where you can easily swim with whale sharks and see the living fossils known as the Stromalites seen above. A hidden gem of natural wonders, if there’s one thing you do on a trip to Western Australia, visit this spectacular region.



One of the northernmost cities in Western Australia, Broome is the bridge between Perth and Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, as well as a gateway to Kimberly. Sometimes called the Pearl of the North, this city is the centerstone of Australia’s pearling industry, perfectly located on the northwestern coastal to harvest these favored ornaments. Beyond its indsutry, Broome is a tropical paradise that hosts 22 kilometres of white sandy beaches, perfectly for relaxing beside or taking a scenic camel safari.



One of the nine regions of Australia and a bridge between Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Kimberley is sparsely settled and one of the last frontiers of Australia. Made up of tropical islands, romantic beaches, wild gorges, vast valleys, towering plateaus, and much, much more, Kimberley is a key stop on any trip between Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Take a 4WD tour along the rugged Gibb River Road, cruise on Lake Argyle, or uncover ancient Aboriginal history in Purnululu National park.

Whether you want to taste the delectable cuisine of Perth, take a day trip up to the Pinnacles, or travel the coast all the way to the Northern Territory, there are plenty of tours and things to do in Western Australia.

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